The following story is true. The names have not been changed because I didn’t really get any of them anyway.

I’ve had Optimum cable as my TV, telephone and internet service for years. My cell phone provider was Verizon. I had no complaints. They all worked great.  Life was fine.

Then Ellin and I decided we should try to cut down some of our expenses. A friend who works for AT&T as a store sales representative told us to switch to AT&T and get Direct TV.

It would be great and we’d save money. I didn’t think we’d save that much but I’d had a Direct TV account for years. I only used it on my boat for six months each year. Spending the extra money for that account and Optimum was costing too much money, so I closed it.  I figured that now, if we had DirectTV for the whole house, I could also go back to getting it on the boat. That would be a plus

So, we did it. They said they would cover any cost for switching phones. Except they didn’t. They paid some. But not all. But okay, fine.

They set up our house for Direct TV.  I asked if they could switch the box on my boat that I had actually bought and owned for years  to our new account.  They said no, they can’t do that. Those boxes don’t work anymore.

“But”, I said, “it works just fine”. They said  it doesn’t matter.

“OK, can you send me a new box? It has to be Standard definition not an HD box because my antenna on the boat only gets SD channels.”

“No”, they said.  They don’t carry DirectTV standard boxes. THEIR OWN BOXES. I would have to buy one from a third-party. I said, “OK, where do I get one?” They said they had no idea. So I bought one from Amazon. Except that apparently, the company Amazon gets them from is either out of business or just doesn’t have any. So, now, my only option is to install a Dish Network box that does work that I do own. and pay extra money for six months every year. Just like I was doing before. Totally negating the reason I did all this to begin with.  These are “”first world problems” to be sure. But come on!

There goes the “saving a few bucks.”

At this point, I have spent about two hundred dollars more than I would have by switching  the phone carriers and I’m gaining nothing by switching to DirectTV.  I could just go back to the way things were. But I can’t. If I do I have to pay three or four hundred dollars in “Early Termination Fees”.

OK, fine. Live and learn. But I haven’t gotten to the good part . To quote Al Jolson. “You ain’t heard nothin’ yet.”

I recently got a 4K TV. It’s amazing. After having it a few weeks I noticed that DirectTV had some 4K channels.

Cool. So I went to one and the TV said, “You don’t have a 4K TV”.

I said ” I most certainly do!” The TV ignored me. Even though it has some kind of voice activation feature, it’s not a very good listener. After doing a little research I found out that I need a “special 4K DirectTV box.”

The service is free. Or at least that’s what they say on their website. So, what the hell. I call them up, I order one and last Monday a technician came out and set it up. Fine. But then we started to notice that the audio kept cutting out. Just for a second. It did it every four minutes. It did it on every channel,  HD channels, 4K channel, recorded programs. Everywhere. And only on that box.

I did a quick Google search and found literally hundreds of thousands of complaints that the DirectTV 4K box is defective. The audio cuts out.

Notice where it says about 108,000 results

Many people also complained that it sometimes turns their TV off on its own and frequently just locks up and doesn’t work at all.

I didn’t have that problem. Until two days later when my TV would turn off and lock up about every five minutes. And every person complaining pointed out that no matter how many times they had their box switched out for a new one, none of them worked.

Did I mention the fact that for the privilege of getting the “FREE” 4K service, I was charged 160 dollars in fees? 99 dollars of that was to apparently buy the box that I would then have to pay a monthly fee to lease!

So, I called DirectTV back. Spending the half hour necessary to finally talk to a human. I was very calm. I explained that this box is defective. I wanted it removed and my old box replaced. I wanted my money refunded. I wanted any extensions on my contract removed. They said sure. They apologized profusely. It took about an hour but they told my money was refunded and my contract was not being extended.  They set up an appointment to have a technician come out Monday. Exactly one week later and switch out the boxes.

I haven’t gotten to the good part yet.

I get an automated call from DirectTV telling me the service tech is on his way! And the visit will take one hour and 15 minutes.  I chuckled. All he had to do was to plug to the box into the wall and into the TV.  Easy! Five minutes tops.

A nice man comes to the door. I hand him the 4K box and tell him where to put the new one.

But he can’t do it. The order was put in wrong. This is supposed to be a service call. I need an upgrade!

“It’s not an upgrade” I say. “I’m trading a 4K box for an HD box. If anything it’s a downgrade.

So he calls it in to get it changed. Did you know that DirectTV technicians have to go through the same voicemail automated hell that we all do to talk to one of their own supervisors?  You’d think they’d have a back door number or something to help those poor guys out.

When he finally  got a hold of someone and explained what was going on, he was informed that they could only make the exchange if I paid a 120 dollar fee for the “Upgrade”to replace the equipment. That until a week ago I ALREADY HAD!

The tech then told his boss. “I don’t think that’s going to happen”.  I spent the next ten minutes explaining the situation. I told the boss that on Friday, when I cancelled the service, I was ASSURED that everything was taken care of and that I would have no problems at all.  So of course, I got transferred to her supervisor.

I went  through the entire story AGAIN.

She transferred me to her supervisor.

And we did the dance again. This one said she could take care of me but for some reason it took her about 25 minutes to find this out. The “upgrade fee” would be waived. But to do that I had to pay 22 dollars from a credit card that would then be refunded to my DirectTV account.

At this point I was beaten. Sure, fine. Do it. Make the “upgrade.”


Another ten minutes go by. She keeps telling  me she’s almost there.

Almost there.

Almost there.

I just have to put in these two things and…..

I’m on hold. I’m hearing that horrible “on hold” Musak.  “Hello? Hello? You still there? Hello?” And this is what I hear. “Your call is important to us. Please stand by for the next available representative.”

The tech goes,” You gotta be kidding me.”

“Well all righty then”

So we wait.

For almost 30 minutes.

And we finally get a person. AND WE GO THROUGH THE WHOLE DANCE ALL OVER AGAIN.  After another 15 minutes of silence she says that they have to DROP SHIP A NEW BOX TO MY HOUSE!  It will take at least five days. And then a tech will have to come out and install it!!!!

But, I say, “He’s already here!!!! He is holding the box in his hand!!!!!”

“Sorry. That’s the only way we can do it.”

At this point I told them to forget the whole thing. I’ll keep the box. The tech and I shook hands and he left.

To sum up, in order to “save a few bucks” I now have no DirectTV on my boat and a 4K UHD receiver plugged into an old analog TV in my guest room that doesn’t even get HD. And I think I’m paying extra each month for the privilege of owning what is basically a paper weight.

My audio theater group performs a very funny piece called Till Death Do Us Not Part.”  You can click here to hear it. It’s about a guy calling the cable company to cancel his dead father’s cable account.  We tried to make it as absurd as possible. This real-life experience exposed levels of absurdity that even my twisted brain could not in a million years, ever conceive.  The shear incompetence and insanity of the DirectTV bureaucracy rivals that of the current President and his administration.

Franz Kafka is going. “Wow, they are seriously fucked up.”

What have I learned from all of this?

When things are working just fine, leave them the hell alone. You are never ever ever going to save money by switching your cable or your phone company.

And when you want to “save a few bucks”? Just cut out a few coffees at Starbucks.




    1. This isn’t the first time with these chuckle heads. I once told the young lady who called me back to find out if I was satisfied with my tech visit that the whole experience was Kafkaesque. She said “I don’t know what that means”. I replyed “of course you don’t”.

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      1. PANCHO, A sad and cautionary story. You can’t trust these people. They’re like lawyers, politicians, news directors and proctologists.

        I say — hang ’em. Hang ’em HIGH!

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  1. Tom, this reminds me of your skit “Till Death Do Us Not Part!”. I’m waiting for our service provider to raise our rates and then I’m getting on the war path. They haven’t seen anything like my fury.

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    1. Exactly. but on steroids. I was explaining the skit to the service tech as we waited and waited and waited. A first he sort of sqirmed. When he was leaving I told him that at the end of the skit I get a phone call confirming a service appointment to the cemetery to hook up cable. When they asked if anyone would be there I told them my Dad would. He busted out laughing, shook my hand and said goodbye.

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      1. We have a regulatory board whom I approached last time. Boy did I ever get action after that. I got a call from head office and things were settled amicably.


  2. This came just in time for me. I’m sorry you- or anyone- has to go through something like this but at least you saved me some aggravation. That has to count for something, right? I was currently searching for an alternative to the cable company I now use to save a few bucks. But maybe I’ll just leave everything as is.

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  3. Obviously it would be a terrible thing if there were government regulations that required these companies to be responsive. It would be anarchy. What might be fun is if they published the home addresses of their officers.

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    1. Yes! great idea. If we had their addresses we could book tech service calls to their houses. They’d have to stay home between the house of 8 and 12 or 12 and 4. That would give them half as much time to go to work and screw things up. Brilliant.


  4. I resent the fact that my comment is awaiting moderation. If I had known that I would have been less moderate. Does this mean my call for people to exercise their second amendment rights will not appear?


  5. Here’s my Direct TV story; I was moving from one house to another I’d just bought so I called DirectTV to inform them and ask what the correct procedure would be. I had it as a bindle from the phone company along with my internet service.

    They told me to disconnect the box and take it with me and that they’d suspend service until I was settled. Don’t do anything with the dish, we’ll take care of that. So to shorten the story, I immediately disconnect the box before they have a chance to freeze it, and I’m not even thinking about reconnecting and have been enjoying not paying that $90/month for the 6 channels I watch out of 400 .., so I don’t call and one day I get a phone bill with satellite charges. I contact them to say I don’t have service because I didn’t call to connect and don’t have the dish but they seem to be charging me for the service anyway. They say “we have no way of knowing” which I know is a lie since they can cut off your service with a code downloaded from the satellite if you forget to pay, or are late.

    The rub here was that the phone company automatically pays DirectTV because it is a bundle so I can’t just cancel it but must argue with my phone company as well. They also say that they will only suspend service for 6 months and restart it automatically.., seemingly whether you have service connected or not. Through more than is practical to describe here, and 3 months dickering, over which time I refuse to pay and demand a refund which they claim I can’t get unless I return the DVR/decoder box. I say fine, it’s sitting here in a box send your guy to get it. They never did send anyone, I still have the box with stuff I recorded still on it and they finally gave me my money back. One day, out of curiosity, I hooked it up to play through my TV and everything was there.., and so is the box. I now only subscribe to streaming TV like Netflix, Acorn and CuriosityStream and through my ROKUs get a bunch of free stuff. All in all $20/month and I’m a happy guy.


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