I am in pursuit of nothing at all. I’m not working, so I’m not hunting down money. I’m not career-involved, so not going there. I suppose the only thing I am really pursuing is how to go from simply playing Civilization to winning the game, whatever that means. All I want to do is build handsome buildings. Collect Great People to improve my population’s learning skills.

I seem to lack a killer instinct.

I have encountered this problem before. With this same game. Years ago, when they had “Cheat Mode” as an option, whenever another nation got too aggressive, I made them disappear.

Note the Great Wall

Sadly for me, they have ditched “Cheat Mode.” I sorely regret the lapse. I don’t want to go to war with Peter the Great or anyone else. I merely want to build the Winter Palace and the Great Library. Develop medicine. Send spaceships to other planets. War is annoying. It is a distraction to the really important things in the world.

I have come to believe that no one makes games for people like me. Someone should. I can’t be the only person that would like to play without brigades and explosions.

That’s why I liked the old SIM games. Your battle was with building the right number of elevators to get annoyed people to the top of the building … and you could watch Santa Claus fly by in the Christmas sky. I always like that.

I want a game without wars. Where no one, real or simulated, will threaten to blow up my civilization up with nuclear (or other) weapons. Where I don’t need to spend most of my game building some version — old or new — of The Warrior.

It’s hard being a pacifist in a nuclear electronic era. No, really. It is.

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  1. Wow. Fascinating. Civilization is a really really old style video game. Going back to PCs, old ones in the early to middle 90’s. Interesting that it’s still out there. There was always two ways to win the game. Be diplomatic and deal with everybody or kill them all, every damn one of them. In early editions you could load editors and modify the game. Normally you all start as cavemen and have to advance to the point where you can go into space. With the edit you could start out with nuclear missles while everybody else was in the Middle Ages. Fun once, but sort of unfair. Probably can’t do that with the new versions.


    • No, you can’t AND you can’t win without beating the crap out of your opponents. I thought it was going to have moved along, but it hasn’t really. It’s basically the same game I had 20 years ago … maybe simpler with even more war. I was expecting it to have changed more. I wuz wrong. Either you make war, or it gets a bit dull because you can build all the wonders and educational facilities, not to mention temples and religions et al, but if your army isn’t up to snuff, oh yawn.


  2. I have Sim City and my favourite part is the building. I want to build the perfect city that has lots of parks and museums and runs on green energy but is not going broke. I don’t need war. I usually turn off natural disasters and alien attacks. I will sometimes even play The Sims just to build and decorate houses although I do enjoy trying to play a generation game and so I can see how my characters children, grandchildren etc resemble the originals. I am not interested in conquering territory or killing. If I want that I can watch TV.


    • Do you have a newer version of the game? My old ones would not play even on Windows 7 and I haven’t found anything that will play on 10. So IF there is a newer game, I’d love to get it too!!


      • The version I play is the 2013 one. It apparently had a lot of problems when first released but I bought it a lot later and it seems to run OK on my laptop which runs Windows 10. I downloaded my version from Origin and it is still available on their site for $29.99 or through their Vault subscription. I had Sim City 2000 before this but it wouldn’t run well on my computer so I got this version. Apparently they also have a mobile version now but I think that would be too tiny for me to enjoy. http://www.simcity.com/


      • I should add that it will barely run on my Win 7 computer, it is painfully slow. I don’t like some of the features of the 2013 game as much as my earlier version but at least I can still play.


  3. Basically, what you need is a game that tests your productive and creative skill set, not an aggressive vs defensive one. I maxed my gaming desires out on Tetris! 😦 These days i mostly just blog/think.



    • Tetirs is about speed and manual agility. It’s not about thinking. It’s reflexes.

      This is a game that could be better. I really was hoping it was better than it is. it’s still playable, but it’s a disappointment after all these years to have the same problems.


      • I feel the same way about life… disappointing after all these centuries to still have many of the same problems (plus a few newies!) 😉

        And i disagree that Tetris is all about reflexes: when i play it i use strategy and planning which requires ( very quick) complex thought – a little like chess you look for moves you could make in advance and modify them as circumstances dictate.



  4. I’m really glad it’s not just me! It is very hard to win Civ peacefully … I think the one time I managed it easily was because I was hidden on an island and didn’t meet anyone else until the end 🙂


  5. It would be nice to have a world without wars.

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  6. Of course there are people out there that feel the same way you do, and they are called “modders” I don’t know where, exactly you can find mods for this game, but this article is a good place to start. 🙂 https://www.fiercepc.co.uk/blog/guides/best-civilization-6-mods


  7. That’s the kind of game I would like, if I liked games. It sounds like it’s oozing estrogen! It also sounds like it’s more of ana intellectul, thoughtful challenge, not just shoot this or capture that. Why aren’t there more games like this anymore?

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    • You’d probably also like the SIM games. They are all about designing cities. Actually, it is a completely pointless activity because you keep designing the city until you run out of room, they you design a new one. I really loved the Sim games. They were easy on the eyes AND on the nervous system.


    • I think the answer to your question lies in the youth of today, Ellin – they design the games for even younger people’s wants/needs as it’s mostly them who create the profit in gaming. We need older, mature and wiser game designers basically – Marilyn are you up for it? 🙂



  8. Ah yes, I had that game in a very early edition and it really annoyed me that there were enemies. I just wanted some nice temples and stuff. I’m going to give it a shot. 🙂


  9. My mother’s family were all word games, board games, cards, dice– so I guess you could say I came by this genetically.
    I loved Sim City, the last expansion I had, had the most marvelous user controlled cities out there. I even use one now and then as a screen saver. And key for me, I could turn OFF the explosions, the disasters, the attacks. Just me and the city. I also loved Civilization, but after awhile it palls. It’s too controlled for me.
    Oh, now I want one.

    Gary it’s okay. My husband is a mechanical engineer, he is bored bored, bored with any kind of game out there. Which is why I’m in here, playing World of Warcraft and wordgames at King.com. You either like ’em or you don’t

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  10. I don’t know about the Civilization game, but one I play is called, “Cradle of Rome”. It’s a very simple match 3 game, and there are no wars or explosions. You just gather supplies, etc. and advance a level and you build Rome:)


  11. I’m not a game player. Not enough time or maybe interest.

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  12. Well that is something we do not share. I used to do some Zynga games in facebook but noticed I was getting too much involved, so stopped. Sim City was never my thing and the only game I really enjoyed was Farm Town, but that was also getting out of hand. I had too many farms and was making so much profit that they began to tell me I should sell my stuff as I was over the limit. Now I am really only blogging, a little Scrabble and Magic Jigsaw on the side and otherwise reading. I must admit I had never heard of Civilisation.


    • It’s very similar to a board game called “Risk.” We used to play it when i was a kid when we got tired of Monopoly. It has interesting graphics and audio and it is something to do when I simply cannot face up to another day of politics.

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