Share Your World – May 8, 2017

When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?

I don’t care who’s around. I wear socks most of the year. Slippers if my feet are cold. Sandals in the summer. Nothing if I feel like it.

Why would anyone care what’s on my feet at home? Foot fetish?

What was your favorite food when you were a child?

I didn’t have a favorite food. I was one of those bad eaters that drive mothers mad. I hated milk — and still do. I hated eggs — and still do. I ate almost nothing and was very thin.

I did like lamb chops, though. Basically, it was the one food I didn’t have to be forced to eat. Otherwise, we had raging battles that involved trying to urge, coerce, or brutally force me to eat. It worked. I’m a solid 30 pounds overweight today.

Moral of the story? Do not force your children to eat. They will eat when they are good and ready. No child has ever starved when food was available.

And neither will your cat or dog. Just saying.

Are you a listener or talker?

I talk, then I listen. But I have to admit, when I am talking to someone who really likes talking, we get pretty enthusiastic. It might sound like a fight, but it isn’t. Really. It’s not.

Favorite thing to (pick one):  Photograph?  Write? Or Cook?

Probably writing, but taking pictures is a tight second. Cooking used to be at least number three, but now it’s not even on the list. I think reading would be a solid three, but frankly, they are all so closely tied, it’s a photo finish, as it were.


21 thoughts on “SHARING MY WORLD”

    1. Garry bought that for Owen on Owen’s 3rd birthday. I kept it because no 3-year-old should have a wind up music box. Owen has it back, now. There are probably copies of it, but that one was a wood-carved sort of original. It didn’t play as well as newer ones, though. It was a bit top-heavy for its engine.


    2. –Marilyn’s socks are the **stars** of our laundry, requiring extra stain removal attention. As for me, I wear slippers and/or mocs at home.

      –fav food as a kid: I was very, very picky as a youngster. I hated milk. So Mom flavored it with chocolate or a little cream soda. I loved (and still do) hot dogs. Usta really like the street vendor dawgs, steamed with mustard and sauteed onions.

      –Always been a listener. Came naturally as a very shy kid. Inadvertently became a key tool when I became a reporter. The late Merv Griffin complimented me on listening, said it would lead to success. I was baffled.I thought you were SUPPOSED to listen to the person who was talking.

      –fav thing: Marilyn’s hooked me on taking pictures. I’ve always had an “eye” (movies and tv news reporting). Following baseball. I devour box scores and old time stats. Old movies (probably my fav fav thing)


  1. Good topic, yes let us share, first of all I immediately loved the fact that you have those awesome looking sox, I have plenty, and every day I wear these, and others that are similar, “Muk-Luks” so they are called. Very cozy, and keep my legs warm too, I have some cool sox, food, drinks (wine) and nurse type sox to wear with my scrubs….every holiday, and matching every outfit I select as well.
    Favorite food? Ha! I think the older I get the more I love food, and wine….makes it all taste even better. I love pasta, red and white sauces, pizza is wonderful stuff, with beer….also goes well with hamburgers, BBQ type stuff.
    I was not really a fussy eater, 6 kids in our family, my sister used to pour a bowl of cereal and hide it in her room, so there would be some left for her in morning, and we always had that boxed dry milk…yuk! My mother worked wonders with whatever she made, meatloaf, pasta, stews, there just wasn’t enough at times, with 2 brothers that ate endlessly, and there is only so much food for the $$$ in a given week. I remember in those good ol’ days, there was a local store that allowed credit for regular customers, we would go there for cold cuts and hard rolls when we came home from school, and there was nothing for lunch.
    Am I a talker, or listener…I confess I love to talk, when I am in the mood, I can be both quiet, and very talkative, depends on time of day, (early, not so much) and of course, what we are talking about. Can’t feel free to just say what is on your mind all of the places we are, right? Nothing better than a friend, or your family when you gotta get stuff out. I do most of that with my older sister, also a nurse, we talk about the stresses of the work we do. So it is all about the healthcare situation, staffing issues and working conditions when we unload our woes.
    I love fashion, I read (physical books) and magazines related to fashion, style, beauty. Allure, Instyle, and Self, to name a few, many are not printing magazines anymore, it is all on-line now, and I just don’t enjoy that as much. I used to subscribe to several, they sat on my kitchen counter, or bedside stable, I’d read them while having coffee, or before going to sleep, and always took the latest issues on vacation, to read at the beach.
    I enjoy taking photos, it is not really a hobby though.


    1. I used to love fashion, but not to wear … more to look at for the lines and the idea. I was never fashionable and I’ve never really had a body for high fashion. Even when I’ve been really thin, I’m too short and the wrong shape. But I used to really enjoy LOOKING at it.

      Now SOCKS. I can own GREAT socks and never feel guilty about it. I used to also be very into house fashion: design and furniture and decorating. I don’t even LOOK any more. No money!


  2. I was quite the fussy eater as well (and still am). Mom always had to make something especially for me since I never wanted what everyone else was having. It’s a good thing I was the only boy, or I’d have probably wound up in an orphanage demanding “More!” like Oliver Twist…


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