What color is pink?

It can be nearly white or very close to purple. It can come in a rosy hue,  magenta, or riddled with lavender. Babies are pink, but some are brown. I was fish-belly white. My son was blue and they had to keep him in a “cooker” for two days before I could hold him. Blue is not a good baby color.

When I was growing up, my Aunt Kate — who worked at Bonwit-Teller and thought I deserved some “special” clothing — bought fabric and had a suit made for me. It was a very soft wool from France and it was hot pink. It was a classic Chanel-type suit, something that belonged in a fashion show. It fit me to absolute perfection and I loved it. When I wore it, my “mates” looked t me as if I had two (maybe three?) heads.

The moral of the story is high-fashion clothing is not at its best on a 15-year-old high school girl. But oh, what a glorious suit it was! And what wouldn’t I have done to own it a few years later!

13 thoughts on “PINK CAN BE

  1. Nice selection of photo’s 🙂

    Pink is an interesting colour! Ever seen pink in a rainbow?? When i see what i consider to be a true spectrum of diffracted white light (from ultra violet to infra red) i can’t find any pink!? I generally think of pink as being some combination of red and white pigment but if you shine white light on a red object it just stays red!? Weird… but can be pretty 🙂



    • I’m sure it is since it isn’t one of the ‘basic’ colors. Mostly, it’s “officially” faded red, but it can be much more. Faded mauve or magenta or really, a variation of purple with a hint of red. It’s probably one of the most varied colors because it isn’t really a color, but a combination.

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    • Thank you. That started as a used dress in a second hand store. The dress would never fit anyone I knew, but I really liked the fabric. so I bought it and sent it to a doll dressmaker I knew and she made two dresses from it, one for MY doll and another for hers. A great little purchase 🙂 And an amazing piece of dressmaking. She created the pattern, too.


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