PHOTO CHALLENGE: REFLECTING – Garry & Marilyn Armstrong

Reflections in a partly frozen river

Scarlet reflections – October in New England

Photo: Garry Armstrong  – Reflections in the shallow water of the Mumford

Photo by Garry Armstrong – Reflections in the Blackstone River Canal

I participate in WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge 2017


    • I cropped it. I do all the processing. Garry and Photoshop are not a good mix.

      Probably a couple of trucks were coming over, or something even less elegant. That’s what’s usually on the bridge. Sometimes, I don’t mind the trucks. Other times, I’m trying to get what’s under the bridge, aka, the water. Also, I think I cropped this as a possible header for the site and then never got around to using it. I might yet. It’s difficult to get the pictures narrow enough top-to-bottom to use as a header.

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      • It was the elongated header shape that drew my attention! 🙂 I think as a photo it might be nicer than as a header… with a little of the sky above the bridge left in. (Assuming there isn’t a Walmart truck or a Vote for Trump sign on the side somewhere. 😉



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