15 thoughts on “VERNAL NON EQUINOX”

      1. We’ve had February in March, and now June in May — who knows what the rest of the summer will be, if not hot and dry! They are already predicting a bad fire season, and telling people to clear defensible space around their homes.


    1. I’m sure we will get summer, probably one day in the middle of next week. But for now, although the leaves are almost fully opened — EVEN here where they are oak — it’s definitely cold enough to need heat at night. This isn’t the first time by any means. I remember one summer where we spent two weeks on Martha’s Vineyard — the final two weeks of June — and we needed a fire at night and had to go out and buy blankets and sweaters. I think it warmed up for the last few days. It was beautiful, but COLD. Especially on an island, that salty air really cuts through clothing. At least there weren’t a lot of other tourists!


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