1. No Veggies, Views, Vehicles or Violets??

    Do you do the lottery? Cos i’d really love for you to win so you could buy that Church and really do it up as a home (or a Museum if you were feeling philanthropic) Saw on the UK show ‘Restoration man’ a couple did up an old Methodist Church as a Home and it was Stunning!

    I really enjoyed Memorial Hallways btw – i can see the first signs myself and can visualise me being there in 10 to 20. 😉 ( Maybe minus the dogs or not?)



      • Starting to happen to me too… Did my weekly grocery shop today. Can vividly remember using my combined flyer points/debit card to collect my flyer points but cannot recall using it to pay for the groceries. They gave me a receipt which i kept so i must have paid with it but that part of my day does not exist in my memory???



        • Yup, that’s what happens. Little things. Did I take that medication or was that yesterday? Did I ever get around to changing the oil in the car? Small stuff. Which is why I pay electronically and most of the bills get taken care of without my needing to remember them. If I actually had to remember all of them, we would be doomed.

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          • For me it is a little unnerving knowing that for 50 years my memory has been more than average and extemely reliable but to now find it has gaps and cannot be so relied upon. Also the same for walking without falling down – definitely unnerving not being able to 100% rely on that one! 😦

            Don’t say it… (welcome to my world), just, don’t say it 🙂



            • It is unnerving for ALL of us. Fortunately, many folks never had a great memory, so there are a million ways to keep your schedule. No one laughs at the guy who keeps “lists” on his phone or computer or even in a notebook. I used to have a great memory and now I forget the end of the paragraph in the middle. It’s not gone ,.. just … whoosh.

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