Question: You are walking around the house and you feel something on your foot. Like maybe … a cord. Do you:

A) Give a good, solid pull. Be very distressed when a lamp crashes to the floor.
B) Keep walking until you fall over. Be very distressed when you lose a front tooth.
C) Look down, realize it’s a lamp cord. Move the cord.

You would think that  option C would be the standard response, but it isn’t. Many people never look down. Or right or left. They look straight ahead — or into their phone — and keep going. They are deeply distressed when they break something or fall over. They don’t connect their failure to look where they are going with any of the residual effects of not looking where they are going.

I have seen people looking at their phones while walking into doors. Talking to someone next to them and driving their car into a parked vehicle. I know, because I was in the parked vehicle. They also didn’t have insurance. Sometimes, you just get lucky.

I have been driving down a one-way street and been hit head on by someone going the wrong way, then getting shouted at for blocking his path. When it was pointed out it was a one-way street — and he was going the wrong way — he screamed: “Another WOMAN DRIVER!” What can you say to that? It left me speechless.

I had someone sue me because he t-boned me in a parking lot. When he explained to the judge what happened, he needed three pages to draw six pictures.  My explanation was much simpler. I pulled out. He hit me. I only needed a single picture, which the judge liked. So I won.

I had a friend who was a media consultant for a police department. His comment was that if criminals weren’t so stupid, we would never catch them.

Considering the state of the state, it’s something worth thinking about, isn’t it?

23 thoughts on “RIGHT WAY, WRONG WAY

  1. Enough of MacCheesehead 45, Right and wrong ways.

    It’s driving behind SLOW drivers. WRONG WAY: Look ahead for an opening in traffic, whip out and around the slow car. RIGHT WAY: Suck it up and silently curse the Gods.
    Nearer my Gods to thee.


  2. We have self-driving cars now which makes all of this so much worse. I read an article and it stated that the owner of the self-driving car was in the back seat taking a nap when the crash happened.
    How do people really think that’s a good idea. The silliness.
    Yup I agree…an app to check for everything.

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  3. That one-way street guy… there is a part of the human ego that just completely overrides logic when it comes to admitting we got it wrong. 😦

    Sorry seems to be the hardest word. Elton got it right. Being President means never having to say you’re sorry. (and really mean it).


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