It was actually a very pleasant day. The weather was nasty, but we expected it. Every weather report for the past week agreed this was gonna be really wet Mother’s Day.

It’s wet. Cold. Dark.

Garry went out to pick up some stuff, including pharmacy stuff and, of course, fresh flowers. It’s not that he doesn’t buy flowers the rest of the year. Indeed, Garry is a major flower giver and I am the lucky recipient.

This makes the second bouquet in just a week which is a record, even for me. And today’s were a favorite: yellow roses!

19 thoughts on “MOTHER’S FLOWERY DAY”

      1. I so agree. I’ve got some african violets growing and started a bunch of herbs, but as of today, only 2 sprouts out of 100 lol go figure. We shall see! my outdoor lavendar and snapdrags are already sprouting and flowering hehe woot


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