I’m not much of a conspiracy person. I have doubts about them. Qualms. Because conspiracy involves intentions, which in turn, requires thoughts. Sometimes, even an idea. Like, you know, a bunch of people work together towards a nefarious goal … as opposed to a lot of dummies voting for a moron as president. The first might be a conspiracy. The next is stupidity. Of which there is not now, nor ever has been, a shortage.

We are living in a stupid world and a stupid era. Where people think that education is worthless, which actually doesn’t explain how stupid they are. If the power of stupidity was fuel, we’d never need another power source. The world could run entirely on stupid. If it doesn’t already.

I have seen a great deal of mass stupidity. Political stupidity, fiscal stupidity, and just regular old daily standard dumbness. Not to mention stupidity based on sheer meanness. Conspiracy? To repeat my oft-repeated signature quote:


It’s worth remembering that most of the horrible things we see are predominantly stupid. Because malice requires planning, thought, and concepts. Maybe even brains. Whereas stupidity seems to be the clay of life.

So, as for qualms? I don’t believe in anything except for the small, mean-spirited, nasty little people who have infected my world. They are stupid. Ugly and possibly even cruel. And some other morons — whoever you are, hang your heads in shame — elected them.

If you don’t have qualms about this, I’d like to know why NOT? 


  1. I have a qualm! 🙂 My qualm is with the assignation of stupidity to a large portion of a significant number of humanity’s population. Stupidity implies low intelligence and you have to admit that stupidity of the sort were talking here is not by any means limited to those with an IQ not all that much larger than their shoe size.

    I prefer the words: “selectively ignorant” rather than stupid. People either through not having experienced something or choosing to deny/not give sufficient weight to something may be ignorant of certain facts that are very pertinent to a lot of people other than themselves and so do not take said facts into their considerations and make decisions based upon incomplete (and also sometimes factually incorrect) evidence or gathering of data.

    By selectively ignorant i don’t mean they choose to be ignorant ( Ok maybe i might! 😉 but that they do not (or cannot) take all things into consideration before deciding upon an action which, to some, might seem really dumb – and even later prove to be just that. 🙂

    No-one ever really knows all relevant facts for problems of a political or economic or even scientific nature and so we can never really make a ‘right’ decision. The best we can hope for is a potentially-beneficial-to-most one.

    or to put it another way – You can’t please everybody, all of the time. (But why does everyone always have to p### me off?) 😉


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    1. You can finagle this all you want. Stupid is as stupid does. They look stupid. They act stupid. You want to go for precision? Go for it. I’ve gotten past that and I look at these people and say: STUPID. You are welcome to have it your own way And do NOT start again on “there are no right decisions because everything is relative.” This stuff isn’t relative. Just stupid.

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      1. Just for the record i DON’T believe there are no right decisions – quite the reverse. I believe all decisions are seen as right to those that make them, at the time they make them. Who of us ever deliberately made the wrong decision??? (Which is something different to making a generally seen by some/all others as a wrong decision ).

        I’ll shut up now! 😉


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        1. Most people who make endless and endlessly stupid moves are doing so to make themselves feel better. They’re utterly insecure, and mask this with bluster, bravado, and decisions that make the rest of us whimper.
          My mother was perceived as a brilliant woman by her friends. She knew how to manipulate them, and did so by playing one against the other. If you weren’t there to defend yourself, you were in a great deal of deep trouble with all of them.

          She did and said things that made her feel better, and that’s all she was concerned with. (this may begin to sound familiar). She could tell a story about something that happened (or didnt happen) and leave out one or two key phrases, making her the centerpiece in the story. She never lied, directly. She confronted the reality in her words, but just left a few holes for someone to fall through. Usually me.

          And she surrounded herself with sycophants.

          When Trump was elected, all bluster and bravado and strange rambling sentences, I thought, oh, crap. We just elected my mother.

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          1. It is my sincere hope that people with that personality are in an extreme minority. But as you rightly said: Oh Crap they just elected your mother! 😉
            it seems as though the level of publicity and analysis that being President brings will, in this case, ensure that the level of deceit and pure self-interst is not able to be simply blustered away as it would in less powerful positions.


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            1. This is the classic description of a Narcissist. It took me nearly 50 years to find it, and when I did, I realized it was a cerfifiable disorder, based on a galloping lack of self esteem. It doesnt forgive the person, but it does explain what’s going on in there. Lot more of them around than you might realize.
              Narcissists are not necessarily bright, but they give the impression of it. And they have ways of making you feel stupider. (Scissors cuts paper, paper covers rock…)

              The one phrase in Trump’s campaign that sounds good on the surface? “Let’s make America great again”. sounds really catchy. AGAIN? The implication is, that it’s broken and “we” can fix it. with my help. He’s shaming the country into believing that he can save us from us, and people just eat it up.

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              1. I know he’s a narcissist. It think at this point, it’s kind of obvious — although I thought it was obvious from the beginning. And I know he’s currently stupid that I wonder if a big piece of that isn’t some kind of dementia. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t ALWAYS this stupid. But it doesn’t fix the reality of living with an incredibly stupid man at our helm with the support of a lot of other stupids under him.


              2. Exactly. It’s beholden upon those who can see it to keep pointing it our until all can – as you just did! And as the good folks on this blog have.
                We also need to keep highlighting every single time one of His Flunkies flatly denies a report as untrue or fake that the next day is undeniably true so the people see the game he is playing for just what it is – a sham.



        2. Do you believe in right and wrong? Because most of these people make decisions that NO ONE of ANY faith or NO faith could possible believe is right. Then, when called on it, say “Duh… it seemed like a good idea.”

          No, It didn’t seem like a good idea. It wasn’t an idea. It was a knee-jerk reaction lacking any brain power, a response to what everyone else was doing or saying or racism or a blind hit on a button with no thought of any kind. If THAT isn’t stupid, I’d like to know what IS stupid. When you make decisions lacking any thought or intelligence, IT’S STUPID. You call it “right at the time?” I call it stupid — at any time.

          And let’s leave it there.


    1. Greed is a higher level of thought. At least greed has a motive. A bad one, but something. Most of these really stupid decisions have no motive. They are just what they are. People doing what everyone is doing because everyone is doing it.

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  2. Stupidity is the new norm. If you are anything else, you better build up your courage to defend not being a stupid one.

    What is worrying – when powerful technology, unlimited printed money, a mass military organisation and the switch to stop economies to develop comes into the hands of stupid people – not to mention – WMD, we can’t begin to look at possible options or end results: We’ll either be known as conspiracy theorists or minority barking people.


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