In Hebrew, one is always said to be “going up to Jerusalem.” Not only because Jerusalem sits on a mountain — not one of the Rockies or the Himalayas, but a mountain — something you’d know if you tried to drive there in a small car up the roads to the city from the coast, but because it is closer to heaven than other parts of earth.

For Donaldo MacCheesehead, it is definitely descending.

MacCheesehead’s trip to the middle east terrifies me on one hand, but on the other makes me laugh uncontrollably — to the point of falling down. If I had another hand, I’m not sure what I would do. Maybe weep?

Jerusalem – the star in the middle was where I lived, an area called “Baka.”

I remember when I went up to live in Jerusalem. I had read Exodus (Leon Uris) probably 100 times the year I was 14. I had been exhorted by my mother and many other family members on the importance of Israel to Our People. For the life of me, I couldn’t see why everyone couldn’t reach a sensible settlement. I’m a lot smarter than Chief Orange Blossom, but it turns out, you really need to live there for a while to “get” it. When I finally got it, I knew it was time to go home. I was not going to settle the problems. Not mine or anyone else’s.

To say that it’s “not as easy as it appears” doesn’t come near the heart of the problem. There isn’t a heart to the problem. So much of what happened in the region took place long enough ago that its remembrance is wildly twisted. The shape of the past bears little resemblance to anything that really happened. It has been buried by myth, opinion, counter-opinion, hopes, dreams … and far too much money spent on guns and hate.

Israel now

Who did what, when, and why? There is some truth to everything, but there is no absolute Truth in the craziness. No final, resonating Grand Truth against which no argument will stand except this single one.

The Jewish people deserve a place on earth where they can live and not be slaughtered because they are Jews. You can’t extract that position from the equation and come up with any answer.

The return of lands to Egypt and Syria

Since that is what “the Arab States” have consistently demanded, there has been no significant progress … collectively. Yet there has been quite a lot of progress between individual countries. Even before Jordan and Israel had an “official” peace, they had a good, working, informal agreement. And a lot of traffic between the two countries.

The peace with Egypt has had its ups and downs, but it still is hanging in there, on some level, and maybe if that nation’s own craziness were to fade, things would probably improve elsewhere, too.

Syria? Well, that’s not happening anytime soon. Lebanon? I don’t know what’s going  on up there, these days, so I have no current opinion. If I had one, I’m sure it would be complex, confusing, and involve hashish.

Israel in context with neighboring countries

America’s Orange King is going to discover — soon — that nothing in this part of the world is simple. He has not risen to Jerusalem, but rather fallen into the mire. In many ways, it should remind the man of his own issues with truth. Because in the middle east, there is no truth. Just fights, disagreement, disputes, arguments, confusion, dismay, ancient hatreds, and grudges which will never die.

“Simple” in not a word to use when talking of Israel and her neighbors.

If not for the future of human life and death on Planet Earth were not part of this conversation, it really would be funny.

So. For a man whose ability to focus on a problem is shorter than two minutes, getting him to “think” about making peace in the middle east really does make me choke with laughter … and tears. I’m sure his vision for the region is … HUGE!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


      1. Loved the CBS Evening News chyron last night — “Donald of Arabia”

        Looking forward to MacCheesehead 45 meets the Pope. The Agony and The Ecstasy.


          1. They have been sneering, anyway. It doesn’t matter. It’s our deal to contend with and now we’re cursed to “live during interesting times.” It was fun watching him do the “white man’s overbite” with that group of Arabs with swords. Honestly, when I watched that, I thought, “Why does HE get to do that?” 😀


  1. I only wish he could fix it but you are right Marilyn, too much money and weapons have been spent and used. We really need a Salomon (and a very wise one at that)


    1. Given that Israel is never going to agree to not exist and being as this has been the foundation on which its adversaries have built their structure, I don’t see a resolution. Until the Arab nations can at least begin with “you are allowed to exist,” there’s nowhere to go. It’s sad, because Israel DOES exist, so what would it cost to admit reality and move from there? I don’t get it.

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      1. You get to the crux of the problem when you say that the Arab states have to accept and honor Israel’s existance and right to continue existing. Without that, NOTHING meaningful can change. And I don’t see a time when the Arabs will bury the hatchet with Israel. Short of Israel accepting it’s own total annihilation, there is nothing they can do to pacify the Arabs. So why try?


  2. A VERY controversial topic, but one of the less controversial commentaries on it i’ve read, nicely done.
    While i find myself largely in agreement with you here i did notice a tiny omission. No mention of Palestine or Palestinians – even on the maps?

    Israel exists today, but the land was named British Palestine after the outcome of WW2 partly maintaining a 2000 year old naming of the region, that at various times was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, Byzantine Empire and the Roman Empire who were the rulers at the time of Christ. Prior to that Israel was under Jewish, Persian and Egyptian rule and the Jews originally took it from the Canaanites. (All of which i’m sure you know). Unless the ancestors of all peoples born there are recognised as having some rights in Israel i don’t see an outcome that will not be disputed by some. (But if they don’t have a superpower –
    Russia, China, USA – backing them then i guess we can ignore them).

    Even if we do find a way to find justice for all i still would not bet on there being no disputes in the region which is a nexus point for 3 entire continents. Whoever holds it holds enormous potential trading power.

    And that is probably the real issue underlying all this. Powerful people on several different sides have vested interests there.



    1. I have a lot to say about this, but I’m not going into it here.

      In the final analysis, the ONLY people on earth who didn’t take their land from former inhabitants are the original humanoids in Africa. I suppose we could give Israel back to the Canaanites if there were any or any of the OTHER people you named — none of whom exist.

      Israel was NEVER named British Palestine. It was British because THEY STOLE IT from the Turks who stole it from someone else, I think the Egyptians but I could be wrong. But the Turks and the Brits didn’t LIVE there. They just ruled it, like they ruled India. When the Jews had it, it wasn’t a protectorate. It WAS their country. Their ONLY country. They didn’t ‘rule’ over it.

      it was theirs the same way this country is ours, even they we stole it from the Native Americans and you stole YOURS from the Aborigines or Maoris. Spare me the lecture. You nice white folks didn’t get Australia or New Zealand for free. You stole it, good and proper and did plenty of killing and slaughtering in the process. And now, it’s yours, right? Got a passport? You have a home? Right? Planning to give it back are you?

      As a personal note, Jews deserve a home. Every single one of my family who had not come to the U.S. before WW II died in concentration camps. Every last one of them, from babies to grandparents. Ponder that for a while.

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    1. I have that basic, depressing pragmatism, that since the collective Arab nations want Israel to disappear and it isn’t going to disappear, there’s nothing to talk about. It’s a pity, too, because it doesn’t have to be that way.

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  3. I am always amazed when I see a map and the tiny slice of Israel there compared to other countries. So much fighting for so long. As you said – leave it alone. I love when orange said makes blanket statements about how he doesn’t see it being such a problem to broker peace. His inflated sense of self and delusion continue to astound me every day


  4. Since you’ve lived in Israel I appreciate that you bring concrete facts more than impressions to the discussion.
    When we all would love to see this part of the world at peace you are sadly right: too complex because of the ugly weight of hatred between countries that should have much in common.
    The ending of your comment in response to lbwut is chilling, a fact that should never be forgotten.


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