Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 19, 2017 – PHOTOS BY GARRY ARMSTRONG

Signs and portents?
The best car wash
Edging out-of-town


Author: Garry Armstrong

As a reporter for Channel 7 in Boston for 31 years, I was witness to most of the major events affecting the region. I met a lot of people ... politicians, actors, moguls, criminals and many regular folks caught up in extraordinary situations. Sometimes, I write about the people I've met and places I've been. Sometimes, I write about life, my family, my dogs and me. Or what might otherwise be called Life.


    1. Daily, I went through a coffee overdose in the mid 60’s. I was a rookie newsie at ABC Network News in NYC. We used to send out for breakfast at a local Greek Deli. My staple was Fried Egg sandwich and black coffee. I’d gulp the greasy sandwich and steaming coffee between writing/editing newscasts. Four newscasts an hour with almost constant “breaking news” — REAL breaking news in those days. Eventually, my stomach rebelled against the greasy egg sandwiches and coffee. For decades, I was a tea guy. Now, I’m back on the “Joe” bandwagon. Mindboggling info, yes?

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        1. You are right. There’s still my Saturday Boston diner breakfast story — the double order of everything, etc.
          The tabloids will really nail me.


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