Spring is a fickle season in New England. It’s common for us to not get spring weather. It stays cold, wet, and generally nasty until suddenly, in the middle of May, summer happens.

You leave the house in the morning to do a little shopping, and when you come out of the grocery, summer arrived. That the way it happened this year and it is absolutely lovely outside now.


Usually, May is the herald of summer in this region. Around the middle of the month, the cold, windy, damp air blows away and the flowers bloom. In a good year, it’s sort of perfect. Warm, dry, and bright.


And so it was. The warm days blew in. Except this is going to be another year of Gypsy Moths, so the beauty of the season is only going to last a few weeks and then the maniac caterpillars will defoliate the trees. We are all hoping it won’t be as bad as last year. The heavy rains this spring might help, but we won’t know for a few weeks.


These are the best of the summer pictures. The roses aren’t out yet. It was so chilly for so long, some of the later blooming flowers are not flowering, but they will be here. Maybe one more week. Meanwhile, this is May — maybe our best month — especially since we don’t know what’s coming.

All the pictures were taken by me and Garry Armstrong. If you aren’t sure who took what, look for the name on the photograph.

The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by

24 thoughts on “THE CHANGING SEASONS: MAY 2017

  1. I’ve noticed that here Down Under our weather is largely opposite to yours. That goes for the erratic bit too! We can largely count on each day being reasonably like the next. But although our plants seem to think it is spring here the weather the last 2 days is going to convince them otherwise i fear. We’ll have a fair few more days with sunshine in them and more than a couple with nothing but blue skies, but the days, and worse – the mornings are getting a lot colder than we’ve enjoyed for most of the last 7 months. And the rains have arrived; it’s our wet season now. And our caterpillars are still going – found one in the house today! Not good!

    Hoping yours have a very poor season this year!



  2. Beautiful photos!
    Here on Saturday it was pouring with rain with a cold wind. Today is sunny and 15 degrees already – our first really warm early morning of the year. I guess “old” England is a bit like New England (apart from the snow and caterpillars).


    • I’ve always thought it was no accident that this area was named for the Old Country. Except it’s colder here in the winter and hotter in the summer. The ground is very similar and so are the things you can grow, although you have better soil (EVERYONE has better soil!). It was hot last week, but today, it’s downright cold and I wish I hadn’t turned off the heat last week. It’s socks and sweater weather, again.


  3. It snowed the week before Mother’s Day in NM but out here on the west coast the weather is finally starting to warm up, so I know how you feel. Love the pictures, your Polygonatum seems to be in bloom in one photo and about to burst into bloom in the other. Looks like your green thumb’s been working overtime!


  4. Thanks for this lovely entry. The garden looks really colorful.
    “You leave the house in the morning to do a little shopping, and when you come out of the grocery, summer arrived.” 😀 It’s the same situation here.
    Yesterday we went out in the morning to visit my friends (the ones with the ducks and the motorcycle in my post), it was cold and dark with clouds all over the place, so we dressed up warm and I even brought a raincoat for the kid. When we returned in the afternoon, the sun was shining, it was warm and everyone were wearing t-shirts, shorts and stuff… Made us look like freezing tourists from a warm country.


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