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OK, you have really messed up this time and you do not know how to say you are sorry.  After all, “I’m sorry” does not always work, especially if you have used it too much.  You may have thought of every clever way to apologize but it just is not working.  Even when you added in flowers and/or candy you are not getting the message across.  Our advice to you is to add music.

You have probably heard the saying that “music soothes the savage beast (or mate),” so there is no harm in giving it a try.  There are plenty of apology songs and if you are into Country and Western music, the possibilities may seem endless.  The C&W world has a lot to apologize for apparently.  There is a word of caution in our dishonorable mention, however.  Sometimes nothing works well with someone like Madonna.  She has “heard it all before.”

Here are my top choices to make up for your transgressions.  If you have been really bad, I suggest you bookmark this page so you can come back as often as necessary.  If one of these artists does not work for you, perhaps another will.  After all that you have been through, something ought to work.  And just as if I was planning it all along, that comment will help us to start our list off:
10. Hard To Say I’m Sorry, Chicago.  The Peter Cetera and David Foster composition was a 1984 hit for the band which oddly enough only had two band members playing on the record.  Foster elected to use studio musicians when recording the song.  Cetera and Foster may never had said they were sorry, but the band ultimately decided to return to horn driven rock and roll. The song made it to number 1.

9.  Purple Rain, Prince.  You may not have thought of this 1984 hit as a song of regret, but listen again closely to the verses before you start shouting your way through the chorus while someone does bad karaoke.  That karaoke person will be looking for an apology song soon, by the way.  Purple Rain won an academy award for original song for the movie of the same name.

8.  Sorry For The Stupid Things, Babyface. Kenneth Brian Edmonds, aka Babyface ( a nickname that stuck with him), had a big R&B hit with this 2003 release.  “Sometimes I do stupid things to you, When I really don’t mean it all,” he exclaims in his lyric.  His reason might not work for everyone, however. “Sometimes a man, Is gon’ be a man, It’s not an excuse, It’s just how it is.”  So, maybe you better move on to the next one.

7.  I’m Sorry, Brenda Lee.  Fifteen year old Brenda Lee was probably never sorry she recorded this number one hit in 1960.  There must be a lot to be sorry for in teenage love.  The song caught on quickly, despite the record label’s reluctance to release it.

6. Don’t Love You No More (I’m Sorry), Craig David. You might explain all night that you are sorry just to learn she “Don’t love you know more.” This 2008 song was a pop hit.

5.  Baby Come Back, Player.  “Any kinda fool could see” this was a number one hit for this band in 1977 and a great “apology” song.

4.  We Are Young, fun.  They may be trying to apologize in this 2012 hit, but they are young and might not have it quite right.  Still, they can set the world on fire (perhaps).

3.  Apologize, One Republic.  Sometimes it’s just too late to Apologize as explained by song writer Ryan Tedder along with David Archuleta in the popular performance from American Idol.

2.  Sorry, Justin Bieber.  I’m sorry to say that Justin has made another one of my lists, and I am sorry I could not use the silly “official” video.  Here Justin wants to know “Is it too late now to say sorry?”  I am sorry that he might be lip syncing this “live” performance of the catchy hit.

1. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Elton John.  “It’s a sad, sad, situation and getting more and more absurd.”  That’s because “Sorry” seems to be the hardest word in the Elton John, Bernie Taupin hit from 1976.

Songs of Regret playlist  Play all ten here.

Author: Rich Paschall

When the Windows Live Spaces were closed and our sites were sent to Word Press, I thought I might actually write a regular column. A couple years ago I finally decided to try out a weekly entry for a year and published something every Sunday as well as a few other dates. I reached that goal and continued on. I hope you find them interesting. They are my Sunday Night Blog. Thanks to the support of Marilyn Armstrong you may find me from time to time on her blog space, SERENDIPITY. Rich Paschall Education: DePaul University, Northeastern Illinois University Employment: Air freight professional

16 thoughts on “WHO’S SORRY NOW?”

  1. Been sorry more times than i care to remember. Also can’t remember using a song ( even great ones like these ( minus Justin Bieber!) ) to get the message across. Not sure if that’s a sign my memory is getting bad or that i probably should have tried using them in the first place? 🙂


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      1. I’m pretty sure we could all use one of those Garry! 😉

        Of course there is always the exception to every rule and it is a most curious one, because the person who has the most cause for one would never have one as he sees no reason to ever use it… care to take a wild stab at who i may be thinking of?? 🙂


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    “If sorry seems to be the hardest word,” then perhaps you need to say it in song. Click “View original post” at the bottom to follow over to SERENDIPITY for the entire list. Listen and share.


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