Leaping, catapulting to adventure! What a concept!

It conjures visions of mountains to climb, rivers to ford. Diving to see the ocean bottom. Jumping from airplanes or diving into canyons tethered by elastic bands. I was never physically adventurous. This had less to do with fear but spoke more to my understanding of what I can actually do … and what I can’t.


Clumsiness stands out head and shoulders from the crowd of reasons why I never became a rock climber, diver, or bungee jumper. I knew, in my soul, I would fall off the mountain, the bungee cord would pop and a fatal plunge awaited me. On horseback, I was daring, though looking back, I think stupid probably better applies. I fell off regularly and got broken. Eventually I learned to ride well enough to be less stupid and avoid additional breakage. By then, the damage was done and would never go away.


Fear, trembling, and an already damaged spine notwithstanding, I climbed down the cliffs at Land’s End in Cornwall on a dare. Which is always the stupidest reason to do anything. But I did it anyway. I am not proud of it because it didn’t prove anything about me or the cliffs. I didn’t fall and break the rest of me and I get to say I did it, but wasn’t as if no one had dared do it before.

What’s the point of an adventure if you aren’t accomplishing anything new or noteworthy … or going somewhere you couldn’t go via some other safer, easier means? Why climb 1000 stairs if there’s an elevator?

Photo by Ben Taylor

Other adventures meant more to me. I moved across the ocean to live in a foreign country that became home. I wanted to experience another culture and see the world from a new perspective. For my own reasons. It was an adventure requiring mental rather than physical agility. Much more me.

Today,  a lovely hotel with comfortable beds is a grand adventure. Otherwise, I’ve passed my tests, thank you. I don’t feel any pressure to prove myself, not to me or anyone. But those of you who still have mountains to climb? Have at it. When you get up there, plant a flag and think (briefly) of me rooting for your success. Have fun out there. And … as they say … be careful. You only get one body and it has to (hopefully) last a long time.


  1. I am with you all the way. I would watch the others and then it was my turn as a kid. It was all part of keeping up with the others but I was just not cut out for that. Through life you do things to show your have been there and done it and afterwards wonder how you survived. Now I admire the others for walking unaided, but we no longer have to prove anything.


    • The ONLY two sports I loved were ping pong and riding horses. I gave up ping pong when my mother stopped playing. She was a great player. I gave up the horses because i had no choice. Nothing to prove for at least 50 years — not to me or anyone 😀


  2. Not fond of uphill walks, let alone mountain climbing, although I used to do it in college..Not with the garb and equipment–just scrambling over the rocks at Vedauwoo, trying to get to the top.


  3. Bravo You for taking the risk and moving Home so as to see things from a different perspective to the way you had previously! More people should do that in my opinion 🙂 ( And that should apply to me also – i moved half way around the world because of my parents, who i thank, but it did not greatly alter my perspective. I’ve had to do that myself by moving my mind more than my body. It probably would have been easier in the long run to move my body and let the mind just follow, but Mehh!)

    Seeing things from more than one perspective i believe is key to solving most problems we encounter.
    Walking a mile in another’s shoes i think expresses it quite well.

    Who’s the cool Dude with you and the Donkey (or is it an Ass? 😉 )


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  4. When it comes to living in another country no one can ever take those experiences away from you. It does give one a whole different perspective on life.


  5. I’ve never been to a foreign country, but I think I’ve done enough adventuring to last a lifetime. 🙂 Like you, I’ll leave the rest to the young’uns who still have enough body left to adventure with.


    • I’m at a point where a VACATION sounds like punishment. I thought about Paris … and realized what’s the point of Paris if you can’t walk? If you can’t wander museums? It would be stupid and I wouldn’t enjoy it and moreover, can’t afford it anyhow!


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