Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Gardens

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. The lilies are brilliant. I used to have a lot more of them. I had lots of bright Chinese lilies, but they need replanting. Some of the really bad winters killed them, so now we just have the standard day lilies that grow all over New England. They are beautiful, too.

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        1. I do too. I wish I could get rid of the grass, but when pull it, it moves the boulders enclosing the garden, so we keep the grass. it has really DEEP roots. And I could live without the wild twining grape vines. It has become a serious pest. Otherwise, though my goal was always to make the gardens look natural. I would love to add to put new bulbs, but there isn’t enough room for anything. The flowers are packed in so tightly, they are crowding out the weeds!

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  1. Your garden is doing very well, Marilyn. I don’t know whether it was the easy winter or all that rain but my flowers are looking pretty decent too at the moment.


    1. They look great when I can get out through the rain to see them! The rain is great for the flowers, but not so great for the people. I’m just counting on it washing away a lot of caterpillars while filling our aquifer!

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  2. Loving the Day Lillies! 🙂

    My red rose looks much like yours only a little pinkier – but they don’t come out till Oct/Nov here.

    Nice photos!



    1. Well, yes, being on the opposite side of the world and all that. Mine can come out deep red, but sometimes, dark pink. Occasionally I will get both on a single bush … maybe these bushes were crossed or (I can’t think of the word) more or less “spliced” too. Many roses are to give them sturdier roots. What mine are bigger and better at is having the most brutal thorns I’ve ever encountered. Killers.


      1. I believe the word is grafted/ing? 🙂

        These days i only have to look at roses the wrong way to start bleeding!
        (Apologies for the delay but wordpress only just showed me the reply??)



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