This house is nicely divided between two guys, and two ladies. Well, even better because two of our creatures are Scottish Terriers and the rest of us are … people. Last I looked, anyhow.

I tried to take a proper selfie today and remembered why I don’t. My arms are much too short. I looked horrible. I don’t mean “not too great” but more like “Bury that, please.” Bad. I wanted to post a picture since I got new glasses a couple of weeks ago. So far, no one has noticed the new glasses. I think they are quite different from the old ones, but apparently no one, including my son, can tell the difference.

I also look older, but that’s because I am older. Also, it seems I have an uneven ears. With wire rims, I could twist them a bit so they looked straight, but these don’t twist so they sit slantwise on my face.

I’m glad that full size glasses are back. I was tired of the itty bitty ones.

Now there’s the other lady in the house: Bonnie. Some might say she is a bit fat, but Garry says she is perfect!

Bonnie has perfect vision and does not need glasses. She is, my husband assures me, the perfect little girl.

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    1. You are welcome. I still don’t know why no one notices my glasses. They really ARE different. I remember when I briefly went without glasses for a few months (contact lenses). NO ONE noticed that, either, including my brother and father. Someone should notice, shouldn’t they? Well, I’m sure Bonnie noticed. She barked at me, so that must mean something.

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      1. As most of us find at some time in our lives, we don’t recognize the person looking back at us from the mirror. Ironically back when we were as cute as we would ever be, we also thought we’d never change. The conflict comes, now, when we look out from inside and pretty much have the same thoughts and outlook, and so can’t imagine that we’ve become our parents.., or worse, on the outside. I had 20/20 vision for half of my life, the other half spent looking through the things we associated with being smart or nerdy.., glasses. What the heck happened?.., none of this was supposed to happen to US. Truth be told I always had a thing for “nerdy” girls and found them quite attractive and smart, not to mention very sexy. Fortunately for me, while I may appreciate the young things I see walking the planet.., I have, with few exceptions, little interest in conversing with them. Stay cute my friend, cause aging is here to stay and means less and less as we get deeper into it.

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  1. I don’t think you look older at all. And yes, you look fine. I LOVE those earrings.
    i grew up with ‘full sized” glasses with heavy rims, and they just overwhelmed my face, which is narrow. When the smaller, rounder glasses with thin rims came out I wore them until they wore out. But you’re right, everyone knows you wear glasses, but no one ever ever notices the change.
    In fact, when I stopped wearing glasses at all, no one even noticed THAT. Go figure.


  2. I think the problem is that because you wear glasses people think it is PC to not comment on them or not notice them. I too have the same issue. I am glad big glasses are back in style the John Lennon look did not work for me.


  3. You look good, that is it. I like seeing your face, face with name, very good thing. My glasses are crooked on my face as well, usually I have to re-position them daily….could be ears are uneven on head? Imperfect perfection I say. We wear the glasses to see better, and it works for us. Your dog is a cutie, my Itty Bitty is sleeping next to me on the floor, he ate, and is now content. Yes it is chilly, and I have the wood stove, and small heater under my desk going…..cold feet. I enjoy your posts.


    1. I am told that nobody is the same on both sides, but I’m pretty sure my ears are at different heights on my head. It’s more obvious with these glasses because they are bigger than the old ones. Funny!


  4. Marilyn you have to get those glasses fitted properly. They should have done that for you when you picked them up. You have a lot more colour in the last photo and I think you actually look younger too.
    It’s really wet and cold here too.


  5. It’s a very inconvenient truth that whenever we look in a mirror (or at a selfie) we actually are older than the last time we looked!! This is unlikely to change until we develop a transport beam that can also travel backwards in time. (Star Trek should have done this surely?)

    As far as i can tell your ears have moved between photo 1 and photo 2! 🙂 One the left picture, if anything, your right ear (facing) looks lower than your left while this is reversed in photo 2? In photo 2, judging by the eyebrows, your glasses need to be tilted a little further to suit your lines of vision, not straightened??

    I think the new glasses suit you!

    Have you ever done that thing where you mirror reverse your face down the centre line and see what each combined double image makes you look like? I haven’t (yet) but i’m curious now….?



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