With all the rain we’ve had this spring, our garden is growing with a fury. Many of the flowers are coming up late, probably because it has also been rather cold. When the flowers finally show up, they will be giant flowers.

At this time, the garden is rich in columbine which typically, by this late in May, would be fading away while the lilies and roses take over.

No lilies in bloom and no rosebuds, either. But the lily greenery is huge. They are taller than I am and the rose bushes are thick with leaves and the beginning of buds.


22 thoughts on “COLUMBINE BY THE BUNCH”

  1. I have columbine in the garden. It grows wild all around us and I like it very much. It is a good year so far for growth. I noticed buds on my roses, So they should open soon. It is true, the more rainy days you have, the more luscious the vegitation.


    1. So far, we have huge amounts of columbine, but I think all this cold, wet weather is slowing the blooming. This weekend — our Memorial Day (in memorium for war — all wars) is the most flowery day of the year, but not this time. Everything is waiting for the sun to come out. Me too!


    1. A lot of our flowers haven’t made buds. Too cold and rainy, I think. Not one storm. Just an endless progression of chilly, rainy days. But I think this coming week will be mostly overcast, but probably not raining. Maybe the flowers will decide to join the party!


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