A Photo a Week Challenge: Golden Hour

Aldrich Street as the sun sets

Really, there are two golden hours — early and late. Our land makes sunrise easier to see with fewer trees on that side of the property. The front of the house looks into a solid wall of oaks. Sometimes though, I get lucky. We are in the right place at the right time. I’ve got a good camera and the sky is glowing.

Route 146 heading south

16 thoughts on “GOLDEN HOURS – A PHOTO A WEEK”

        1. Mine are organized by month and year on separate hard drives. Unfortunately, that doesn’t really tell me what’s inside all those folders. I remember vacations and special events, but all the day to day pictures? I just don’t remember!

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    1. It was a trick of the sun against the pine trees. Glorious. The pictures aren’t as good as they should be because most of them were taken through the car windows. We couldn’t find a place to pull off until we were almost home and could leave the limited access road. By then, the light was nearly gone. It was something to see. I have never seen the sun do that and I may never see it again. Special.


  1. “The Last Sunset” (’59-UI) Rock Hudson, Kirk Douglas, Dorothy Malone, Carol Lynley, Joseph Cotten, Neville Brand, Jack Elam. Director: Robert Aldrich.


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