Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Letters Y or Z

Young Kaity in the backyard
Kaity younger

18 thoughts on “WHY ZEE? WHY INDEED!”

  1. The picture of Kaity is my favorite of all of your photos. And with duplicating and cropping, there are at least two more stunning photos there. A+ (Do you mind if I give you a grade?)


  2. I don’t know….your sweet, sweet granddaughter and flowers…..they both deserve colour. Beautiful photos but they’d be breath taking in colour.


    1. I have these in color, too, but I like them both ways. In monochrome, it’s more about the shape and form of the face and features. In color, there are other elements … hair and skin and leaves. Also lovely, just different.

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  3. For all the dreading over Z, I think Y is just as tough to find good subjects for. And given that both have unique consonant sounds (As opposed to “borrower” letters like C, Q and X), it’s a little surprising more words don’t start with Y or Z. I guess the end of the alphabet got the shaft as the English language was being formed…


    1. There are plenty of words in the dictionary. The problem is whether or not I have a picture of any of those shots. There are tons of Y shots, although it seems to me that too many of them are inconveniently adjectives. Need some good, solid things I can shoot!

      Of course, I forgot zippers. I could have done a whole page of zippers. Stupido me!


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