The roses have no buds. The day lilies are tall and green, but no flowers. Not a single flower and I don’t even see buds. This weather has just stopped the flowers in their tracks. I’ve never seen this before, where the flowers just stop growing. I am hearing this from others, so this season has been a strange one.

The roses have no buds. Maybe they will develop late buds and do all their blooming at the end of June or even July? They typically have a long blooming life … but none at all? I can’t believe they won’t even throw a couple of random flowers. By now, they are usually covered with perfect little roses. So … other than the Columbine, we have a few spiderwort and a few wild strawberries. Everything is incredibly green, so maybe eventually we’ll have more.

Meanwhile, we don’t have the flowers we should have, but we sure do have a lot of Columbines!

Flowers of the Day


  1. The spring bulbs have now finished, but things are not developing as usual. Our columbine are also flowering and we have only one iris. I had to search for the apples on my tree, just a few. It’s a strange year in the garden.

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    1. I’ve heard this from several people. I thought it was local to this region, but obviously it isn’t. Very strange. If it weren’t for the columbine, there would be NO flowers in the garden except for the very few spiderwort (which is really a wildflower) and the wild strawberry — and there are very few of them. Weird indeed.

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  2. I worry about those bugs you wrote about yesterday coming back again this year. I get itchy just thinking about them. Your gardens do look pretty thought, despite minimal flowers.


    1. The roses have no buds at all, so I’m guessing they may bloom in the second round, in July. The lilies are also without buds, but everyone tells me they will be late, but they will get there. meanwhile, i’m waiting.

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  3. Hi. I tried to comment on the post with the photo of your two adorable fur babies and your hubby but it wouldn’t let me. When I clicked on comment it went to a blank page. I wanted to write that those photos are adorable and to give them a hug from moi. Also a hug to you and your hubby. ❀


    1. I guess you finally made it πŸ™‚ There have been a lot of problems with WordPress’ servers recently. Thanks for the hug. A hug is always good for the soul.

      Gibbs is turning out to be a great rescue dog. Very affectionate … but not good with anyone but Garry and I. But then again, Scotties aren’t always very sociable dogs, even if they aren’t rescued.


    1. It’s kind of odd. We’ve had cold springs before with as much or even more rain than this, but the flowers bloomed anyway. Not perhaps, in as much profusion, but they flowered. This is … different.


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