Last week for Black & White Sunday I converted a landscape shot to monochrome to get rid of the pink colour, and today I am showing a monochrome image where I purposely retained some colour. This method is called selective colouring.

The theme of today’s photo challenge is WINDOWS. Show me some windows, old or new, selectively coloured or entirely monochrome it is up to you. Wishing you all a good Sunday and a great week ahead!

I had a window. I tried it in a few different ways. I couldn’t make up my mind, so … here they are, the whole set.



Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Opinionated writer with hopes for a better future for all of us!

13 thoughts on “ONE WINDOW, FOUR LOOKS”

  1. In this case, I think b & w is the only way to good. Very strong, positive look to your processing here.


  2. They are all fascinating to look at. I love the sky best in the first one and the trees best in the third one. The high-key one makes me think of an architect’s pad, and the last two of an enthusiastic painter. If I had to stick with one it would probably be the first image, but each one has its own merit 😉 Thank you, Marilyn for playing for me and with me 😀


    1. It was an interesting experiment in what I could do with one single window. It wasn’t even a fancy window, but the reflections in it were unusually clear. I had to stay within the realm of “black & white” so some of the color possibilities were left out. But it’s a picture that has lots of possibilities.

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