HER: “We always watch the stuff you want to watch. How come we never watch my movies?

HIM: “That’s not fair. I try to find things I think you’ll like.The other night I recorded ‘The Wind and the Lion.’”

HER: “You like that one. You always have.”

HIM: “That’s besides the point.”

HER: “No it isn’t. There a pile of DVDs I’ve bought during the past year. Most of them, I bought for you and most of them have at least been opened. None of mine have even had the cellophane removed. We never watch anything you don’t like.”

HIM: “Well, let’s make tonight different. {pause} You’re still sulking. I can tell by your face.”

HER: “You don’t mean it. As soon as one of those movies goes on, you’re going to start to make faces, or fall asleep. Instantly. You only do that to prove how boring my taste is.”

monty python British comedy movies

HIM: “I promise, I’ll watch. If I really hate it, I’ll tell you.”

HER: {Long Pause} “Okay, but you better mean it. Or …”

HIM: “Just pick a movie.”

HER: {Unwrapping} “It’s ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail.’ I don’t want to hear how you ‘don’t get’ British humor.”

HIM: “Do they have closed captions? Comedy is hard when you don’t get the words.”

HER: “Lemme see. Well, they have Full Script, English, French, Spanish, German, and Hard of Hearing.”

HIM: “Let’s try ‘Hard of Hearing.’ ”

HER: “It’s probably a goof.”

HIM: “I’m curious.”

HER: “Okay.”

Movie comes on. Someone is shouting loudly over the film. Cute.

HIM: “Okay. English, please.”

A year later, we did the exact same maneuver, only this time, the movie was “Going Postal,” one of the mini series they made in England from Terry Pratchett’s novels. For anyone interested, there are three of them, but I’ve only seen two –“Going Postal” and “Hogfather.” Garry actually seemed to like “Hogfather”! Could this be a trend?

There is one more movie — “The Colour of Magic,” but now, there are a pile of movies Garry needs to watch. Maybe we’ll get there. At this rate (one to two per year)? Who knows?

Some things never change.

13 thoughts on “THE DIALOGUE: JUST PICK ONE!”

  1. Deja vie, been there although I have never actually bought a DVD movie in my life, but just observe from the corner of my eye whilst reading. We don’t always have the same taste, we do with English humour. I must say I admire Mr.Swiss with his patience to watch them having a mother tongue of Swiss German, although after putting up with me and my cockney roots for 50 years, he has no big problems. we live in a bilingual house.


    1. Garry understands Spanish pretty well. He learned some in school. The rest he picked up on the street. I used to understand simple Hebrew, but I was never very good and now, I’m hopeless. If you don’t ever use it, you lose it. I’ve lost it.


  2. My husband likes Clint Eastwood, old westerns, High Noon, Blazing Saddles, Clint Eastwood…mercifully he can watch most of those online, now. My movie watching is nearly nil, although I can sit still for Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters, and Scrooge (Alistair Sim). Or old old stuff. I’d say we are not a ‘sit together on the couch’ couple when it comes to movies.

    Curious: Why, if one of you loves the movie and one of you hates it, does the hater have to watch anyway?


    1. I don’t hate movies. I do have some movies I like a lot that Garry doesn’t like — and vice versa. When he gets into the stuff I don’t like, I read a book and he wears headphones. The problem is, when I want to watch something he doesn’t like, he doesn’t want to read. He feels he should watch because he’s a movie maven and he needs to see everything. So mostly, we watch his stuff, he watches his stuff … and I read.

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  3. Same with Peter, he usually sleeps through some of the things I watch. (sometimes I do too) We did see a good movie Saturday night. We both watched with interest to the end and enjoyed it.


    1. There are a lot of movies we both like, but I like fantasy and science fiction more than he does — except for time travel which HE likes too. We both like westerns. I don’t like war movies and I really dislike those 1930 movies about snobby couple being rich together.

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      1. I certainly don’t like war movies either. I can remember as a kid going to movies every Saturday afternoon with my brother. It was always a cowboy movie. I really liked the cartoons.


    1. So do we, but only one GOOD TV. The other one’s in the bedroom. I have the sound off and Garry uses headphones because I don’t like watching TV in bed. It’s good, though when there are multiple games on. He can watch the Pats on on TV and whatever on the other. I just read.


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