“Order in the court!” The judge banged the gavel and the audience sat up, almost at attention.

“There will be a quiz on Friday,” announced the biology teacher. The classroom came instantly to order.

Orderly chili bowls

My life is not orderly or it does not seem so to me. Life is organized insofar as I know what’s coming and when, but orderly? Is it the same thing but with a different title?

Spice – ordered?

I have a lot of shelves carefully laid out with various items, old, older, and not so old. But they are laid out by size, shape, and how well they coördinate with other things. I balance the pictures on the walls. I carefully place things on the mantel so they look “a certain way.” But orderly? I’m not sure I know how to put things in order. Does stowing all “important” papers in a big bin count?

Painted dolls – in order?

It’s worrisome. The books are in the bookcase, but attempts at creating order have never been effective. The same goes for DVDs and CDs. They are in the case … but order?

I know Garry and I tried to agree on what “order” might be. Do we  set things up alphabetically? Do we put items together by genre? All science fiction here and the westerns over there? What about all those “other” books that never really fit anywhere. Will we remember to put them back in the order from which they came?

Oh, wait. My kitchen is almost in order and my dishes are definitely in order. That’s it. Dishes. Got it.

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  1. Sorry but those spices are NOT in order!


  2. Oh, i hear that. Last year I did closets. This year, book shelves. Next year I may even feel brave enough to tackle the attic. Or maybe not.


  3. I tried “order” and it lasts for a short while, and then things just seem to go to hell. I’m not even aware of doing it, but it must be me because no one else lives here. If there’s an empty space somewhere I fill it with something, and not necessarily something that belongs there either.., just something. No wonder I can’t find things when I need them.., they aren’t where they should be, and I have no idea where that is.


  4. Books by genre, when possible, and grouped by author if necessary. If there is a ‘set’ of books, I group them by date, oldest to newest. anything that doesn’t have a strict genre or is a single book, I rank them by author, alphabetically.
    Private papers, we have a filing cabinet, and a LOT of hanging files. Each one labeled: town taxes, income taxes, genealogy stuff, medical in folders both by insurance company and by medical event I have one for appliances: booklets, warranties, dates/salesslips, and the year. Mother;s stuff Here, Mother in law’s stuff There.

    I may not be able to find my shoes without a spirited hunt through the entire house, but by gum I can locate the instruction booklet for three different vacuums, one of which I still own…


    • The problem in book ordering begins by size. Bookcases don’t allow you to put just ANY book on ANY shelf. There are the big ones — all of our reference books, Garry’s AND Mine. Then regular hard covers, soft covers, audiobooks, bibles, and lots of other things, all sized differently. We really tried putting them together by genre and author … but then came all the books that will not fit, not to mention that all the books don’t fit and no one wants the books. I’m pretty sure I can sell my porcelain reference books. They are rare and valuable to a collector. But the rest? The library has no more room for anything, nor does the Senior Center or the high school. I’m not throwing books in the trash. I can’t do that.

      Papers? I have everything. Unfortunately, it’s geologically arranged. Newest on top, oldest on the bottom. We gave up on files and hanging folder decades ago. DVDs have the same issues as books: Too many sizes. These days, they make them all small, but for years, they packaged them in big boxes and many of them don’t fit into the shelves at all.

      Anyway, we don’t need much. Two birth certificates, passports, social security cards and some passwords. That’s it. The rest? We’ll let the kid deal with it.

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      • I just went through my entire 60+ year collection, and managed to cull out a lot, all of which went to the Salvation army. Barring that, there is usually goodwill. Church book sales LOVE donations.


  5. Order comes eventually. You can’t sweat the small stuff.



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