We watched the hearing with James Comey. There were no bombshells, except for Comey’s strong emphasis on why this investigation is important. It is not about your political party — or mine. It’s about protecting the American system of election. Because what the Russians did was intentional and came from the top. And they are going to do it again.

This was surely the most important thing anybody said and as far as we could tell — except for John McCain who was on a completely different track than the rest of the train — it seemed to have gotten through. This is important. It needs to be dealt with because if we don’t, we will never be able to trust our own elections. No bombshells, but it was clear that although there had been no investigation of Trump’s involvement earlier, there will be now. If Trump had shut up and left it alone, there would not have been an investigation into his obstruction.

Our “president” is a man who can’t let anything go. He’s got to have the last word. And that last word has to be bigger, meaner, and more explosive than anyone else’s words.

No one is going to bring Trump down. Trump will do it all by himself. He doesn’t need help from anyone.

Then, as the last act in the morning’s show, up comes John McCain whose goal is obviously to connect Hillary Clinton’s “email” misuse to the Russian investigation. These two items have never been connected, so where this was coming from, no one knows. There seemed to be considerable confusion as to what Mr. McCain was trying to say. But, it was obvious. Just clumsy, awkward, foolish questions by a man who should retire. He is past his prime and needs to go home, watch some baseball. A wise man knows when to pack it in and move on.

If Garry and I hadn’t watched the testimony ourselves, I would have been convinced that it had been a bombshell testimony. It was convincing … but bombshell? He had already published in advance a summary of his upcoming testimony. He didn’t deviate from what he said he would say.

Initially, commentators stayed the course and talked about what was actually said and by whom, but an hour later, they had drifted into hyperbole and overblown statements of apocalypse. Weird. If we hadn’t watched the meeting, I’d have thought something completely different had happened.

I understand how important ratings are to television, including the news … but really? Seriously? They were not lying, but they were also not exactly telling the truth. There comes a point when exaggeration can twist truth to the breaking point. In this case, the truth is sufficiently interesting. You don’t need to blow it up.

No matter what you read on the Internet about how this testimony is going to push Trump to impeachment? No, it won’t. He is more likely to get tired of the whole president thing and retire to Florida leaving us with Pence to fill out the term — and he is not better than Trump. Not one bit. This testimony did not move us closer to impeachment or anything like it. Testimony may help, eventually, but don’t believe the overblown rhetoric and hyperbole.

Most importantly, when elections come up — VOTE. If everyone votes, we can make this mess disappear in 2020. Otherwise, it could go on for eight years. I’m not sure I would survive it.

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  1. Pence is better than Trump in one important way. He has no charisma and is less likely to appeal to those Trump supporters who are all about an “outsider.” Comey impressed me very much. He seems to have integrity and a sense of humor. He seemed able to relate his testimony dispassionately except when it came to the fundamental ideas underlying the American system and about that he was passionate. I wasn’t expecting a bombshell; I read the 7 page brief the day before and what interested me most were the questions that were asked and the way the committee related to Comey. McCain was trying to tie together two completely unrelated events as a way to throw shade on the Russia investigation. I was surprised by that as he’s not really a pro-Trump guy. He also seemed very confused. I watched that part of the testimony twice to see if it made any sense at all, and it didn’t BUT certain elements of “the media” could conflate the email server with the Russia investigation because of it. Sad.


    • Yes, I agree. McCain was trying to conflate two separate events into ONE event. But they never were one event and even with the election, they still had nothing to do with Hillary. I suppose had she won, it would be her baby — to some extent — but it was Trump’s people hanging out with the Russkies, so regardless, this one ain’t hers.

      I thought Comey was credible and I think so did everyone else. Garry, who got dumped by Channel 7 because he got too old for their taste, felt that was a strong hint of “something personal” there. I’m sure he was right, but overall, Comey came off exactly as I expected and according to his own memo from the day before. It was the TV stations blowing it up afterwards that baffled me. I thought it was interesting all by itself, so I couldn’t see the point — and I found it annoying, too. After about an hour of commentators, it was hard to figure out what actually happened.

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      • There’s something to that “fake news” claim. It’s a kind of porn on both sides. I pretty much look for actual words spoken by the people involved and for this reason, paradoxically, I like Trump’s Tweets. As long as he continues to confirm that he is an obtuse asshole, I’m good. 🙂

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        • Apparently his staff went to great lengths to keep him away from his phone yesterday, but he was back at it today. Colbert asked if maybe they could just turn out all the lights and tell him he was blind. Garry totally cracked up.

          I’m hoping the super hyper hyperbole has toned down today. It seems to have done so. It was a bit weird yesterday, first watching the actual testimony, then seeing how CNN kept blowing it up minute by minute. At what point does the truth dribble away and become advertising?

          I still think it’s going to be the same four years until we are rid of this, but the elections in 2018 can cut the GOP lead in the house and THAT would make a very big difference. Everyone is hoping it’s going to just blow away, but it won’t. I’m simply hoping it won’t get murderously worse.

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      • With the right team, Pence could develop sufficient charisma. There are plenty of very slick guys out there who could do it, no problem.


  2. That was a great summary of the event, Marilyn. I watched bits and pieces – some on the Canadian news. It was good to get your take on the matter.


  3. These hearings are frustrating in that whenever a potential “bombshell” issue comes up the answer is always “I cannot respond to that in an open setting”. And, by the way, the Trump White House is claiming a victory; never a good thing.


  4. I watched and waited for the “bombshell” that never materialized. Still, I thought Comey did provide enough information to bolster special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into potential criminal activities by Trump’s campaign, transition team, and possibly Trump himself (i.e., obstruction of justice). That said, I was take aback by John McCain. I thought that he might have either been having a stroke or that he had a few too many Bloody Marys with breakfast.

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    • I agree. I think it was credible, believable testimony. I’m sure it will help the investigation and if Trump was NOT under investigation before, he probably looks more suspicious now. What a moron.

      John McCain needs to retire. I actually figured out what he was trying to say, but he couldn’t figure out how to say it. He got weird that way even when he was running for election — and that more than 4 years ago. He should quit before he makes himself more ridiculous.

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      • NBC should’ve had Tom Brokaw on to rein in the reporters and analysts. Ditto the other networks who should’ve used their veteran anchors who’ve mostly been put out to pasture….We needed some reason among the sound and fury of the screaming analysts.


        • Does Brokaw work these days? I’ve seen him do little bits on programs, but nothing more than that in a long time. I got the feeling he’d do more, but they aren’t interested in “the past.” We all know all about that. They don’t want the history, they don’t want the tale of “how we got here.” They just want a hot story right now. It’s very annoying.


  5. I watched about half of the open session — totally agree with what you have said, especially about the “news” programs — once you’ve heard about 1/2 hour of analysis, they all say the same things in different words, and they all keep saying what they said earlier.

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    • And, with each retelling, the story gets more intense, more important … and it isn’t. I know that news needs ratings, like any other show … but this super selling of the news is annoying.

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    • They evolve from analysts to blowhards. They have a mandate from their bosses — speaking into their ear pieces — “Keep it going, make it hotter, engage the viewers, we have air time to fill..”. Been there. Know the drill.


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