Bonnie needs to see the vet.

There’s nothing defrosted for dinner. I don’t feel all that great, so dinner (any kind) doesn’t sound appealing. Especially if I have to cook it.

I think I’m going to taper off blog writing this morning and read a book. Tomorrow, being another day, will have to suffice. Sorry. Some days are better than others.

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22 thoughts on “I’M TAPERING TODAY OFF”

  1. Hope Bonnie’s appointment goes well. Some days are just kinda like this…I just dropped my phone and the entire screen shattered, right upon walking through the door from vacation. I feel what you are saying!

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      1. Shaping up as busy week. Gotta write something for Mom’s 100th birthday tomorrow. Also stuff to screen and read. Too much!


  2. We have plenty of chicken and tomato pasta bake here, fresh out the oven – you and Garry are more than welcome to join us for dinner (although perhaps London may be a bit far to come just to eat!) πŸ™‚


  3. A dog in trouble of any kind is enough to upset your stomach. Maybe it’s a dog flu?πŸ™‰ But I’m glad to see you posted on ‘taper’. When nothing else works, there’s always The Daily Post. Hoping you and Bonnie are feeling better soon – and that you get some nourishing food. 🍎


    1. It was just my way of saying I”m not going to spend the day writing. instead, I wound up spending the entire afternoon watching Sessions avoid saying anything. I got overwhelming WAVES of Watergate.


  4. I’ve had a few of those kind of days lately. Nothing wrong with deviating from the routine once in a while, whether it’s to take care of other business or just to do nothing at all…


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