1. I like that your taking care of you! I look forward to seeing your comments soon when your up to it. I’m in the same boat. Not well enough to cook, and setting up the site which has been quite a task and hasn’t worked according to plan. Am hoping I can send and receive comments. I’m trying that’s for sure hehe

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      1. Went to the doc after 10 days of unending pain morphine can’t touch. He recommends surgery but it’s seriously invasive, so I’ll try a bit longer see if I can wrap my head around the idea. 6 months recovery time at least no moving about. Yikes but thank you for your concern. Truly matters☺ take care both of you☺☺


        1. I put off the heart surgery for almost a year. It was the same surgery that killed my first husband. Eventually, it was obvious I had to do it. I did go far out of my way to find the BEST hospital, best surgeon I could. That made a big difference. The hospital didn’t charge me a penny beyond what BCBS paid them. That NEVER happens, but they did it. Literally, not a penny. And here I am. Still alive. Not perfect, but alive.


          1. I’m so thrilled you did it took the chance. I died during surgery 30 years ago, it’s why I’m nervous now, I’m 30 plus years older, just saying… it is invasive surgery so long healing process so trying to weigh pros and cons, constant unending pain verses risk hmmm


            1. It was a hard decision. Really, in the end, there was no choice. Yes, I died too about 9 years ago, but came back. I did better this time and I think the better hospital made a HUGE difference. I tend to go with ‘convenient,’ but this time, I went with best. Best surgeon, too. I looked up every surgeons records and history online and finally found one that was as close to perfect as I could come. Just as well since the surgery was MUCH worse than anyone expected and there was a lot more of it, too. it wasn’t just the one valve. It was five surgeries and it took an entire day. Then I was chemically unconscious for three more days and they had a hell of a time convincing me to wake up. They kept asking me to wake up and I kept saying NO! i was pretty sure I wasn’t going to like it. I was right.


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