It sounds like some funky dance from the 1960s, but we are “doing our front door.” Hiring a contractor. Repairing a door that shouldn’t be rotting out since we installed it merely 10 years ago. It should have been good to go for at least 25 years.

The price we pay for living in a wet, humid climate is basic. Things turn green, then rot. Even the vinyl siding on your house will turn green as summer lingers. You can hose it down and voilà, clean as new. Vinyl is a great product and I don’t think we’d still have a standing house had we not enveloped it in vinyl the year we moved in. That, and adding French drains, a sump and a pump. And a roof. I wish we’d had the money to fix the driveway, but the numbers they suggest for paving the driveway are ridiculous. It’s why so few people with long driveways have them properly paved.

June 2, 2017

Friday, if all goes well and we don’t get pouring rain, they will be here. They will replace all the siding around the door, take out the old doggy door and put in one of the new ones that work on some kind of electronic tag in the dogs’ collars — which means — we have to get them collars. All they usually wear are ratty bandannas and tick collars. This will be an interesting, new experience for them. The new door will keep out the bugs. The old one — which is at least 10 years old — no longer closes properly, so it lets in all the creepy things. It would help if they didn’t like laying in the hallway and sticking their heads out the door. Like driving, but without the heavy wind.

I find myself sounding just like my mother: “IN OR OUT! Don’t leave the door open.” This is followed by either “You’re letting all the heat out,” or “You’re letting all the bugs in.” Depending on the season, of course.

We haven’t done any major work around here for at least 10 years, but I’m hoping this will be a one day job. It isn’t, I know, the final word in door fixing. IF we had the money — and we don’t — we could replace the whole door section, but that would be at least twice or three times the cost of repairing the door. And I think this will last as long as we need it to last.

I like the guy. I wish I had more money because I bet he could fix a lot of what needs repair around this place.

Next life, we’ll be richer! Meanwhile, this job is set for Friday. If the weather holds, we’ll have an almost like-new door.

23 thoughts on “DOING THE DOOR”

    1. It was VERY bright. It was also almost 100 degrees, so I didn’t feel like going back outside and doing it again. When the sun is that bright and there’s no shade, it’s not going to look elegant.


    1. These guys are pretty picky, it turns out. They want to make sure you are sincere … and likely to PAY them.They get ripped off a lot. I was relieved they could do it. Because I don’t want this rotting into the winter. It hasn’t (yet) done any structural damage, but if it doesn’t get fixed, it probably will.

      The price was almost exactly what I expected — $900 including taxes. Which was the maximum I could afford! Now, crossed finger that this looks good, too!

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      1. Well, so far the guy has not shown up with the contract nor has he called. Yes, they are picky. It’s a strange equation — they need work, I have work, but I’m very cautious having been ripped off and had to deal with people who showed up when they felt like it or who didn’t finish a job because something better came along. I have some lucrative work for the guy down the road (like replacing my garage) if he does these smaller jobs well. But if he doesn’t do them at all? I’m very paranoid about the whole thing… I’m very happy you found someone to “do your door” 🙂


            1. I need this to come out right. Don’t have money to do it again. And then, there’s the dog. Bonnie has a skin tag in her eye. It’s the bad eye (permanent. long-term chronic dry-eye conjunctivitis with allergic elements) and the tag is making it worse. Her tear duct is impacted, the tag needs removing … and since she also needs her teeth done (I could use MINE done, too!), I’m going to get it ALL done so she only has ONE surgery rather than two. The teeth are in decent shape and the eye isn’t a big deal medically, but it’s messy and we are having trouble controlling it. Sometimes, it goes away, but the tag is another irritant in an already irritated eye. So we also got some new drops (steroid) to hopefully help and hopefully she will be able to open up that impacted duct too. I’m hearing the jingling of money. They will let me pay it out over six checks, but it’s still a lot of money. if I didn’t have the door, I could just pay for this, but … well. Dogs.

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                1. She is well-hugged. Thank you. Garry went to this evening’s festivities without me. I’m really too bushed to go, but they are launching a book and he’s in it, so it’s sort of a big deal for him. The idea of finding my makeup was one step over the line for me. LONG day.

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  1. It will feel good to get that done. We just had a water meter replaced. All these things require a certain amount of tiding up and moving other stuff around.


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