When was the last time — if ever — a pharmacy company actually cured something? The only cures I’ve seen come with price tags higher than it was for me to buy this house and maintain it for a decade. Otherwise, cure? Curing is for weenies. They just want to make sure you are on a medication forever and maybe a few days after that.

Source: Evil Squirrel’s Nest Comic #266 — 6/1/17

6 thoughts on “EVIL SQUIRREL’S NEST COMIC #266 – 6/1/17

  1. It would be economic suicide to find a cure. What they want is an ongoing situation that brings in the money. I hate to sound like such a skeptic, but that’s how I see it.


  2. Squirrel, you’ve discovered what’s perplexed all of the great minds. MacCheesehead 45 has MANGE. Oh, the humanity!


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