The dogs don’t much like going to the vet and the dogs’ erstwhile owners aren’t fond of it, either. However, some things you need to do. Routine shots are obvious: rabies shots are a legal requirement and I would make sure they had them anyway. Other things are more complicated.

Bonnie with spring clip

Bonnie has an eye condition that comes and goes. Mostly it comes. Sometimes it goes. Regardless, it always comes back, eventually. I forget the official wording, but it boils down to chronic conjunctivitis caused by chronic dry eyes. She has had it intermittently in both of her eyes for years, now. Most of her life. I too have chronic dry eye which is why I can’t wear contact lenses. As Bonnie’s eyes go into their itching, red stage — especially this time of year when the pollen is high and rising — I am itching along with her. The pollen makes Garry’s eyes itch too, so eye drops are a thing around here.

The post vet resting period

Her eyes are always better in the winter. As soon as the air gets warmer and the floating pollen starts drifting around, Bonnie’s eyes get worse and this time, much worse. To add insult to injury, she has a skin tag on the bottom of the eyelid of the “bad” eye. Which I’m sure isn’t making her feel any better. It breaks open and bleeds a little once in a while, but then it goes right back to growing.

Hard day for dogs

I want it gone. I don’t like the location. I don’t like the irritation it seems to be causing. If it were in MY eye, I know I’d want it gone. Since I think it’s time for another round of dental cleanup for Bonnie, I figured she’ll need anesthesia for the eye, we might as well do her teeth, too. We still need to do Gibbs’ teeth, but I can’t do it at the same time. Really, I can’t do any of it, but at some point, there’s no choice. You have to find a way to do important stuff.

Aside from getting a little fatter with each visit, Bonnie is a healthy girl.

“It’s the treats,” says the vet. Garry looks very uncomfortable and I shoot him a “look.” Because I keep telling him that our dogs will keep eating until they explode and it’s us that has to show control. He shuffled.


“This,” comments our vet, “Is a no-judgement zone. I see people like you going without things they need so the dogs get what they need, then I see people who have everything just ignoring their dogs.” We nod. We know. We’ve seen it too, close up and too personal for comfort. I comment I’d really like to get my own teeth done and the vet nods vigorously. Dentists are expensive.

The good news? Bonnie got all her blood tests in January, so she won’t need new ones. She fat, but fine.

We have to stop being bullied by the dogs. Three biscuits total between the two of us in the morning, then nothing until right before bed. Garry and I are not looking each other in the eye. Although we’ll try to not cheat, it’s tough. Our dogs are hysterical, frantic, wildly amusing beggars. If they weren’t so godawful hilarious, it would be a lot easier. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, it’s like a three-ring circus in the kitchen. They virtually dance on the high wire with umbrellas, all for a crunchy brown biscuit with no discernible flavor.

Two dawgz

We took both dogs to the vet. Gibbs didn’t need to see anyone, but you can’t leave him alone with no dogs or people because he’ll freak out. He was not only good at the vet … and this folks, is a first … he fell in love with a lady in the waiting room. He just saw her and he lit up like a big birthday cake. He performed all his most adorable tricks for her. It was almost too cute for words.

He has never done that for anyone but Garry and I. A real first, probably in his life. Gibbs made friends with a stranger! One year and three months since he came to live with us — and finally, he broke through that “extra wall” rescue dogs have. And he did it in the least likely location — the office of the veterinarian. Go figure, right?

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  1. Thanks for the update on the dogs, Marilyn. They do feel like part of the family, even to me.


  2. When I met Mindy, who now weighs 62 pounds, she weighed close to 80 pounds and could hardly move. She has bad hips — bad from birth, according to my vet. My friend (who adopted her), the rescue and I thought Mindy was an elderly dog. That was 6 years ago. Mindy was put on a diet and walked twice a day. She lost most of the weight. She came to live with me 3 years ago. She is a dog who would eat until she explodes. She gets 2 cups of dry food a day with a tiny bit of wet in there and she gets one treat. She thinks that’s fine because she’s used to it now. Now she is an elderly dog and going on a walk is hard for her, but I just think of all those years she wasn’t an elderly dog but just seemed like it because she was so heavy. 😦


    • I know. My husband just can’t seem to wrap his head around overeating as a physically destructive, medical problem. And it’s not like she can get to the food herself. If we don’t give it to her, she can’t get it. But this has been a serious conversation for a long time and I’m hoping he heard this time.

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      • I hope so. It makes a huge difference to a little being like a dog. ❤


        • She is still pretty active, but it won’t last. She’s too little to carry that much weight. At this point, it’s just maybe three pounds? But on a dog of her size, that’s like ten pounds.

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          • Yep. Mindy likes food but she REALLY liked being able to go on walks. She LOVED it and when she was so heavy, she had a very, very hard time. Every once in a while she feels up to it now and I drop everything and take her. 🙂 I think of all the walks she missed out on when she was being fed but otherwise neglected.


            • Bonnie is still very active. She was a hyperactive younger dog, now she’s normally active. When the weather is reasonable — i.e., not pouring or blizzarding — they go out, run around, bark and have a high old time out there. They also DIG. They do not call them earth dogs for nothing.

              But Bonnie’s passion for anything edible has grown to almost demented proportions. It’s up to us, not her, to keep her in control. I gave them their two morning biscuits. After which, I sat down with my coffee. They knew it was over, so they ran downstairs and out the door. They do KNOW when the circus is over. We just have to make sure to tell them.

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  3. Gibbs is coming out of his shell 🙂
    Good luck with the treat rationing.


  4. I’m lucky that while Cindy really loves to eat she is not a bad scrounger. She did disgrace herself last week. I bought her a bag of liver treats. I usually give her a treat just before I go out but am trying to wean her off the ones she’s been having which have a lot of preservatives. These particular treats come in a paper bag and while I was out one day she found them on the shelf where I’d put them and ate the lot including the paper bag. Luckily it was only about 100 grams but they were meant to last a couple of weeks. Come to think of it the last time I brought that brand a couple of years ago she did the same thing.
    Great breakthrough with Gibbs, especially at the vet of all places. He must be feeling very comfortable with life now.


    • Liver treats. Uh huh. You cannot blame a dog for her willingness to go to the ends of the earth for anything liver flavored. And — a paper bag? You jest! I’ve seen our relatively small kids tear through a triple weight bag for a 40 lb bag a regular food. Lord only knows what they’d do for liver treats.

      It was really funny watching Gibbs do all his stuff for a stranger at the vet. But he was definitely IN LOVE.

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  5. Glad that things are not so complicated now with Bonnie. Tabby has a Damocles sword hanging over her teeth. The vet said last time she is gathering a bit of tooth scale and if she begins to have eating difficulties she will have to have them cleaned under an anesthetic which I am not so keen about. At the moment she is OK.


    • I know what you mean. That’s why I’m getting Bonnie’s teeth done since she needs that eye fixed anyway. If they are going to do anesthesia, I’d rather have them do as much as possible. Anesthesia is dangerous.


  6. Good luck with the “treat diet.” It’s really difficult for me to properly feed my cats because one has a voracious black hole type of appetite and the other willingly eats like an anorexic. So Ody continues to blow up like a blimp and Biskit retains his Calvin Klein supermodel figure no matter what portion of food I leave in the bowl.

    Happy to hear the dawgs are OK!


    • Bonnie is getting pretty fat. Gibbs was thin when we got him. He isn’t thin now. Not as pudgy as Bonnie, but give him some time, and he too will blimp out. Bonnie acts like she is starving. 100% of the time. She will lick the rug for crumbs (ew). She will eat anything she find lying around, edible or not. She is like a black furry eating machine. Putting her on a diet is NOT going to be easy.

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