I went outside with my camera determined to take pictures of the flowers I was sure were there. I came back IN with no pictures because now that the Columbine are gone, there are lily buds and naked rose bushes with the meanest, nastiest thorns this side of a state prison.

You know how wet it’s been because if you look at our backyard garden — which has always been a mass of lilies — you will see lilies. Even some lilies with fat buds. But most of the garden is filled with ferns — in what is in any other year, the sunniest part of our property.

In honor of the flowers I used to grow, here are pictures from other years.

Flower of the Day from Cee

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  1. No fair, my lilies aren’t in bloom yet. We are a few days off yet. We are getting plenty of buds. Gorgeous photos.

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  2. Did the heat from last week hurt them? They still look pretty, though.


  3. I’m glad you took pictures of them, they’re lovely.


  4. such vibrant colors- I especially love the last ones


  5. Beautiful flowers and I am sure they will survive.


    • They are looking pretty pathetic right now … except the roses which have no flowers or any buds I can find, are GROWING like mad. They usually grow like mad, but WITH flowers. All those roses make their vicious thorns more acceptable. This year, it’s JUST thorns, no roses.

      The weirdest thing I’ve seen is my back garden crowded tight with ferns. I love ferns, mind you … but they don’t normally live in what would be the only part of the land that gets full sun for a few hours a day. Totally strange weather!

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