No meddling, please!

Yesterday was “front door day” and it got done. Not properly, in my opinion. Better, but not really fixed. They are coming back tomorrow because they want more work and unless they do this job right, they won’t get it.

It looks better than it is! But the new doggy door — identical to the previous one, I might add — looks good.

Meanwhile, today is a doctor and shopping day. Tomorrow, Bonnie’s at the vet getting her eye and teeth cared for … and after that, the guys come back to deal with the rest of the door and Garry and I go back to cleaning up more areas where those damned ants may be hiding. It’s just one of those weeks.

I was trying to catch that last “good hour” of sleep when the vet called to remind me of tomorrow’s appointment. We got a great invitation to go into Boston and spend some time aboard one of the tall ships moored in Boston’s Harbor, except the day is already all wrapped up in doctor and cleaning. If they had sent the invitation a couple of days earlier, we might have done it. Of course, maybe have sent it a week ago, but Garry doesn’t check his mail as thoroughly as he should.

We may not have flowers, but “stuff” is getting done. I suppose I’ll have to mark this summer off to “work accomplished” without the pretty wrapping paper. We definitely not going visiting because all our money is going into the house. No meddling here, uh-uh.

And tomorrow is this regions first full day of summer! Imagine that!

18 thoughts on “NO TIME TO MEDDLE”

  1. It will be a relief to get the door done, I’m sure. It looks pretty good to me. I’m busy cleaning up the basement and weeding the garden, which seems to be an endless task. It was suppose to rain but the sun is out and there is a pleasant breeze.


  2. Sounds like we’re both in “clean-up” mode. My den is a mess right now and I am trying to get rid of alot of old pictures and collectibles from over the years. Everything came out of storage and has been parked in my den to go through. That’s about all I will accomplish this week.


    1. Yes, well, it WAS big enough for a husky. It’s just that this is the size of the hole, so if they weren’t going to replace the entire door, they had to use the same size flap. Actually, it is the exact SAME flap. Same manufacturer and everything. They last one was in place for 12 years. We had a lot more dogs than now., so this one should do better.


  3. if the wood is rotting, you might want to check it for ants. Ants won’t attack solid wood, but they surely will find a way into rotted stuff. We’re fighting that right now on the porch, replacing any boards that have any signs of rot in them. Its a slow process, but a sight better than having my beloved porch become a beloved memory while I’m sitting on it…


    1. I’m having the exterminator out next week. I don’t think we’ve got any permanent establishments in there, but this is one of the very few parts of the house you can’t get underneath to look. If it is carpenter ants (there are a lot of them around here), it’s not terribly expensive to get rid of them. it’s just that everything is coming together — a lot of money in a very short amount of time. Anyway, they will be back Thursday to dig out all the rotted areas and fill them (wood fill), then cover them. It’s not the best solution, but short of replacing the entire door (again), it’s the only answer I’ve got.


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