“Where,” I cried, “Is the Daily Prompt?”

It wasn’t in my mail, but I checked my trash to make sure I didn’t miss it. Eventually, I went to “the board” and there it was. Lurking. With only three hits on it. Three hits? At almost 11 in the morning?  Did they forget to email it to their enthusiastic fans?

It turns out there is one. It’s titled “loop.” As in “goes around and around and around.”

Which is how my stomach feels this morning. It too is going around and around. I have felt better. Bonnie is at the vet, there were ants on the ant traps in the kitchen (still unopened), so after removing the ants from the ant baits, I set up a couple with that stickum they give you.

That stickum is an insult to stickum the world round. With all the massive scientific advances we’ve made, can we not provide a stickum thingie for an ant trap that will stick? These were so pathetic, they didn’t even cling to the side of the door long enough to fall off. They simply dropped from my finger.

I hope the ant poison in the bait is of higher quality than the stickum. Not going to catch a lot of ants, otherwise.

I’m planning to get another cup of coffee as soon as I can do the “standing up and walking” thing. Basically, that is my only plan for today. Did I mention that my left ear has sealed itself off from the world and I can only hear out of the right one?

Please enjoy my carousel pictures. They really do go around and around. Much like life, but with fewer payments.

23 thoughts on “NO STICKUM ON THE ANT TRAPS”

  1. We have round tins, or today more little round plastic boxes with an entrance hole at the side. The are filled with ant delights to attract them into the box. They take a walk around the contents of the box, which stick to their little feet. They return, like all dutiful ants, to the queen ant in the nest spreading the sticky stuff all over the nest, which is actually ant poison. It takes a time, but within a week the ant population is decimated. In summer we always have 2 or 3 of this boxes positioned at the entrance to the kitchen and they are walkig in and out of them all the time.


    1. That’s just what these do. Supposedly. Sticky, sweet ant poison for those little brown sugar ants. I bought a packet of 8 traps. I’ve set two traps. I’m watching to see where the ants are coming from. Then have to see if it’s a safe place to put a trap. This stuff is sweet, so the make dogs will eat it — NOT a good idea.

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  2. if you can find sone of those velcro (little ones) fasteners with the sticky backs, those will stick to anything. Put one half on the ant cup (on the back) and stick the other half to the fridge or wall or whatever, and then glom the ant cup onto the half thats on the wall.

    The hard part is letting the ants escape, back to the nest. if you kill them on sight, you’ve defeated the point of the trap.


    1. I put one in each of the cupboards under the sink area … the stuff down there isn’t edible anyway. I put in our unused dishwasher, though I didn’t see any ants there. I’m looking for places to put them where the dogs won’t get them — harder than it thought it would be. With or without stickum. I do have some of that velcro stuff. I just don’t remember where I put it. Maybe in the sewing box, but I think it might be in the car.

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  3. We’ve tried those ant raps but I’ve never seen an ant near any of them. We used to use the liquid ant poison which usually works but they don’t go for that either. Next I’m going to spray all the entrances and doorways with poison. Other than that it’s the foot stomp or fly swatter.


    1. I put out a lot of baking soda around the front door and that stops them, though not for long. Lots of non-toxic ant killer which works, but slowly. Only the real poison kills them, but I hate using that with the dogs in the house. Still a work in progress.

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  4. Sorry about the ant traps. It’s the way of it isn’t it? I feel like asking manufacturers and others, “You had one job to do!” and did you do it properly? My son bought an expensive chair. The back snapped off as he was sitting in it, luckily he didn’t go ass over tea kettle but it was close. You had one job to do! Make a chair solid. hmm well so much for that idea. As for the carousel, how absolutely delightful. Haven’t seen one in eons, literally. lol Hope your day goes much better than planned and you enjoy. Thinking of you with great affection, Marilyn 🙂 sending heartfelt smiles and affection your way.


    1. It’s one of those “could be better, could be worse.” Bonnie is doing fine at the vet. Good. Front door, disaster, bad. Stopped the check, better. I think they will feel motivated to come back and do the job properly. My son came over and by the time he was through looking at the door, he was almost foaming at the mouth, so NOT my imagination. Could be worse!


      1. I’m sorry to hear that about the door, that sux. So many could do so better. I miss the days when your work spoke for you and was your bond and you lived by the value of what you did. Glad Bonnie is well. Hopefully they will be motivated to do a brilliant job, not just a passing one. That sort of thing angers me, frustrates me, annoys me to the enth degree! Sorry rant over.


  5. Thank you , I enjoyed this – the whole “standing up and walking” thing. seems so easy…yet, with my injured heel (that hates pressure) – that seems like such a task these past couple of weeks! I must have really “bruised it good” – And what is the deal with ant traps? We’ve had them, and I don’t have the stick-em ones, but the ones that you put out, with the bait to take home to kill the colony – the ants won’t take it. WTH? Are these super-duper Ants with high level of intelligence? Uh…dude, uh-huh – no bueno – don’t bring it back…and then they all walk right past it! Take the stupid, yummy filling you!


    1. You know, ants do seem to learn. The ant traps used to work. Now they don’t. We don’t know much about insect intelligence, but bees and ants and other “hive” insects seem to learn. That is one terrifying thought.


  6. I had the ants pretty well under control until we built our deck and disturbed their territory. I don’t like to use ant traps because of our cats and my grandson, but I’ve had to give in an put them down. One thing that seems to be working is putting a few traps outside by our patio and front doors, where they’re mostly protected by the awning. This seems to be heading them off before they make it inside now. It’s taken a month, but I’m seeing a difference. Good luck!


    1. The mounds of baking soda definitely helps. They come in, but they are nearly dead by the time the get to the kitchen. We have to get the rotted wood fixed in the door. Until that’s done, they have a home. But yes, it is better. There were maybe a dozen this morning, half were dead or nearly dead. Next, getting the contractors to actually REPAIR the door, not just cover up the problems. We got “band-aided.”

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