The Changing Seasons: June 2017

This has been the coldest, wettest spring I can remember and today is the start of our official summer. Longest day of the year, and from now on, each day will be just a little bit shorter. It’s hard to believe.

My garden is incredibly green. It has rained almost nonstop since the melting of the snows in March. Green, but without flowers. Mostly it has been dark and chilly. The roses are branching out like barbed wire with roots … and not a single bud. The lilies have buds, but no flowers. The columbine are gone for the year. Even the hosta are looking pathetic.

All of these pictures were taken during the perhaps three or four days of sunshine we’ve had … or indoors. I have gone out to shoot half a dozen times … and come back with nothing much.

Vines in the woods

That rarely happens, but this time it did. I’m not sure what all this dark, wet weather means relative to autumn to come. Super wet weather frequently means a rather dull autumn.

Summer woods

Many of the photos are Garry’s and the rest are mine except for the one shot by the stranger who snapped us at a restaurant we were visiting with friends.

Max “The Cardinal” has more interesting pictures to show, so drop by his site and take a look.

Speaking of weather, no matter who says what about the changing weather? This has been one peculiar year.

The Changing Seasons is a Monthly Photo Challenge started by



  1. In Southern California, the first heat wave of the season — in Mammoth Mtn in Central CA, it snowed 2″ yesterday — they anticipate ski season there lasting until August!


  2. It was the shortest day of the year here. People usually say optimistically “From now on the days get longer.” True but for us the winter is just beginning. I woke up to the biggest frost so far this year this morning.

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  3. if you look at a topo map of vermont and NH, you’ll see why the east/west highways run N/S. So, sadly, do the white mountains, the Vermont mountains, and even, probably, the mountains in western Mass. the White Mountains are part of the Appalachians, which start in Maine and run all along the eastern edge of the country for 2000 miles, all the way to Georgia.

    At one point my husband said, why do you take I-81 NORTH to get to Peacham Vermont, when you could go cross country? ( It’s a two hour trip my way.) So, to prove a point, I took all the roads between here and Peacham, going west rather than up-and-down. Three hours later, hopelessly lost, I turned around and came home. All those roads, Rte 12 and Rte 11 and Rte Surprise take you through every and I do mean every small town NH ever though of. Great for the economy of the town, but when you need to get into Vermont, not so good.


    1. Yes, that sounds like it. You see it all on the map. Looks okay, right? But it is town after town. Lots of small bridges, all under construction. Detours that take you to some lovely farmland … but you can’t get there from here. i didn’t think it could take 12 hours to drive 231 miles. The NEXT time we needed a long east-west drive into Peachum, we went home first, then drove back up. It’s about 3 hours from Cooperstown to home, then another 2 hours back to Peachum. It was both faster AND a lot easier to go home, stay the night, check-in with the dogs, then take off the next morning to be there before lunch.


      1. Maybe your sun will come here some day. It’s raining again today and there are flood warnings in Toronto. I’m posting my song Le Deluge (the flood) today. It’s appropriate.


  4. Bear is cheering up because I told her from now on the days will get shorter leading to…snow. I didn’t say anything about how far away that is since she wouldn’t understand it, anyway. When we go on walks she rolls in the same places on the ground where she rolled in snow during the winter. Very interesting to observe that dog… Not like any I’ve ever known.


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