Pictures are sometimes not quite enough, so here are some more pictures. Better flowers and whole trees! Imagine that. These are very pretty trees. Popular on lawns and backyards.

I hear that Catalpa are hard to grow, but around here, they grow like weeds. That is not figurative. They grow everywhere, especially where you really don’t want a tree. I’ve had to have two of them removed from the front garden because I was afraid their roots would invade my well. Tree roots can completely ruin a well and replacing it can be more expensive than you imagine possible.

We have several big Catalpa and they are blooming. When we come out of the house, our car is covered with flowers. That’s a really positive experience considering some of the other things we’ve had covering our car.

Maybe another week before they are just green trees. Tomorrow, I’ll go outside with my long telephoto and see if I can get some closeups.

I should probably mention that these are northern catalpa which appear to have spread out from their original home in Ohio.

Flower of the Day


    1. Except these are about 40 to 50 feet high ๐Ÿ™‚ They are shade trees. Smaller than the maples, but a lot bigger than bushes. I need to get better pictures. I was trying to show the flowers, but I forgot to show the tree!

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