It turns out that by the time I stopped the check, they had already — in less than an hour — hit the bank and taken out cash. So I’m out the full $950.

For a couple living on social security, this is not quite a calamity. Bad enough, though.

Assuming I have the energy to sue the guy, it will be a very long time until I see anything like money. I get exhausted thinking about it. Would crying help? Because that’s what I feel like doing.

They apparently had cashed the check before I was able to stop it. They didn’t deposit the check into an account because that would have given me time to dispute it. I fully understand why they wanted to make sure I could not dispute the check. If I were a con artist and thief, I’d want everything in cash, too.

Shawn Perry is a thief, a fraud, and a con artist. His company is called “Clear Vision Construction” and his phone number is (714) 314-7950. I strongly recommend you avoid him. And all his workers.

I’m not sure how much of this will get done because I’m so tired, but at least I want to be sure that everyone knows this person is not anyone with whom you should have dealings. The work was not done nor was any attempt made. If the job was impossible, you don’t take the job. Effectively, he stole the money. If he could not do the work, he could have turned it down. Taking the money, then NOT doing the work is fraud, with no “ifs” or “buts” about it.

You do not keep money for work you aren’t planning to do. That is illegal. It’s fraud. It’s a con.

He did not buy the supplies for which I was charged, did not perform the work to which he agreed. He came, “made a deal,” cheated two mature home owners out of nearly a thousand dollars and he was laughing his ass off as he went to the bank with his “found” money. “Found” as in “I found it in your wallet and took it.” That’s really found.

On Monday June 21, I arranged for Shawn Perry (Clear Vision Construction) to fix our front door. He wasn’t doing the work himself, but sent two guys to do it. The quality of the work is possibly the worst I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe (or at least, I don’t want to believe) that he has actually seen this atrocity personally, but he says “his guys sent him pictures and it looks okay to him.”

Here is a set of photographs. There were taken just a few hours  after the work was “finished” and complete. I called him several times to ask him to at least come look at it, then (hopefully) do the right thing. He would not take my call. I left a message which said: “I’ve given you every chance to do right by me, but you have refused to even take a look at the job.”

If he had even so much as come and looked at the work, I would have counted that as a “plus” in his long minus column, but as far as he was concerned, he had cash — and more than enough.

 This is the guy and his crew: Clear Vision Construction, Owner: Shawn Perry.  Phone: (714) 314-7950

This work is not merely unprofessional. It isn’t even amateur. It is horrendous. His workmen did the work. It’s his crew, so it is his responsibility. It’s a pity he refused to make an attempt come back and do it properly. A shame. Don’t hire this guy. For that matter, be damned careful about who you hire and how the “contract” is written. For contracts under $1000 a written contract is not required, but don’t let that stop you. Proving “he said” is impossible. “Words” are empty. I’ve had work done in my home many times over the years. I have NEVER seen anything this atrocious.

You can write the paper and sign the paper. But in the end, the other party has to live up to his part of the deal. I’m sure there’s a clever way to say this, but I’m not into “clever me” mode at the moment. Maybe tomorrow.

I think I won’t be writing anything funny today. I’m sure I’ll find this funny, but not quite yet. Mostly, I just want to cry. And worse … I still need to get a new door.

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  1. I hate that many such “scams” happen, and often to those with no lack of intelligence. We tend to want to trust people, especially friends and workmen. It’s our basic nature, at least it is among my friends. I guess we can’t count on everyone being a “friend” or, in this case “honest”, but that doesn’t stop us from maintaining a belief that there is good in all of us. Surprisingly, even after we’ve suffered an incident, we will continue to have hope that basic decency will prevail and we can trust the next stranger. It is this faith that allows us to slip our guard, once in a while, and become vulnerable. We never know when we’ll have a slip-up… it just happens.., maybe the need for this job to get done, and a reasonable promise of success, caused you to overlook your normal cautions and say WTF.., do it. I’m so sorry that it happened to you and Garry, and if there is anything I can do to help, do not hesitate to call on me. See you later this summer hopefully.


    • This has been a rough on to deal with. We’ll get through it, but it’s ugly and given the state of the country and the state of the people, it’s hard not to wonder whether faith is totally misplaced. I hope we DO see you this summer!!

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  2. I’m getting a lot of this going on right now, getting quotes for work, people wanting money up front for supplies – which I never do, and either then not turning up or not doing the job. It’s always men – I’m thinking of starting a web page where women tradespeople can advertise their services and an area for reviews and photos of the work – what does anyone else think, good idea or one for the scrap heap?


  3. I’m pretty sure this scam runs a lot deeper than you think it does. Like another commenter pointed out, the phone number you list has a California area code… and the only Clear Vision Construction company I can find on Google is based out of Beaverton, Oregon. Googling both the name AND company did bring up this three year old Facebook page… apparently he used to operate out of New York as well…

    I hope one of Garry’s media friends take this up, because I’ll bet there’s a history of shadiness with this guy. He sounds like one of those scammers who moves from town to town, staying just long enough to screw over as many people as he can before the net closes in on him then going somewhere else to find fresh meat…

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    • I am not surprised to hear that. He is one of those guys who roams around, ripping off people wherever he goes and when the ground get hot (like those flames are about to leap from Hell to engulf him) he moves on. Thank you for the research. Where was my brain when I wasn’t doing this research? Where has my brain been?


  4. Trouble with scum like this is once they’ve been “named and shamed” enough they shut up shop and start again under a different alias 😦

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  5. I can’t do or say anything that could repair your damaged trust in humanity (or in some SMALL part of it – most of us are not Shaun’s fortunately!) but i might be able to help with you being robbed or defrauded of cash…
    … I am unsure how your banking system works but i suspect it is not all that different to us since in many ways my country seems to slavishly copy yours (or the UK’s, depending).

    Here checks (we call them Cheques – is more french, you know? 🙂 ) have a mandatory three working day ‘clearing period’ before they can be honoured, specifically so that funds can be verified as being available in the issuers bank account to cover the payment to the issuee. This period also allows the issuer time to cancel the cheque should there be a valid reason to do so.

    The issuer (you) understands this regulation from both sides as you probably have put a cheque into an account and had to wait for several days before the funds were released into your account and you had access to them.

    While some people will cash a cheque (other than through a bank) this is at THERE own personal risk and if you cancel the cheque before it has been officially cleared by your bank then, as i understand it, those funds cannot be claimed from your bank and your funds are safe.

    This should also be the case if a bank cashes the cheque for the issuee before the three day clearance period and his bank should wear the cost and seek recovery from the receiver.

    Maybe legal advice bureau’s could look into this for you as i think you are within your rights to not have to pay on that cheque if you cancelled it (or attempted to) before the clearance period required by your bank?

    Hope this helps some!

    Oh! – and always always cross cheques “Not Negotiable” so that fraudsters cannot exchange them for cash through non bank means, or if they do you have a legal right of comeback.



    • That is a crazy generous offer and I had to give it the long overnight think before answering. Unless you are a whole lot richer than I ever imagine, in which case — no problem! — maybe you do have a few extra bucks. Otherwise, if you’ve worked for your money and done reasonably well — this is not a little “lend me $20 and I’ll pay you back” kind of thing. This is a hefty chunk of change. Given the exchange rates dollars to dollars (not sure what’s bigger today) … you should rethink this. There will come a time when you will need money to keep your own head above the water 😀 Yes, we have all lent money to friends, knowing we’d probably never get it back. We’ve certainly lent a lot to family, calling it a “loan” as a gesture to keep everyone’s self-respect in form.

      FYI – I did try to cancel the check before it cleared, but he had taken it out as cash before I got there, so while the electronic interface had not yet updated, it was “cleared” by then. I’m sure if I was a major corporation, they’d have dealt with it differently, but I’m not a big player in Bank of America’s world. They were perfectly polite explaining to me that there was nothing they could do … the guy was at the bank while the check was still warm and asked for cash. They gave him cash and the deed was done, so my one hour later attempt to stop it was already overdue.

      So let me know if you are a multi millionaire 🙂 If you are, we’ll talk. Otherwise, I think you should hang on to your funds. Life gets bumpy and having a bit of money tucked away for emergencies is a good thing. I wish I had some of that.

      This is a generous, thoughtful, kindly offer and it brings tears (literal drippy wet ones) to my eyes. Thank you.


      • Well, you’re welcome – and the offer stands.

        I’m definitely not a multi-millionaire and up until last week i was completely debt free and have my nest eggs saved over many years in case of emergencies ( last week my government informed me they had overpaid me some benefits while i was working for them in a casual job with their census bureau. I have 36 months of repayments to clear the debt. I could afford to repay it in a lump sum but they’re quite happy to take $50 a week so that suits me fine – i could be dead tomorrow! 😉 )

        Anyway, if you had a paypal account i could send you A$1300 in a flash. Heck i’ve blown that sort of money ( more even) on far less worthy things than doing a good deed for someone who is in need of one. 🙂

        Who knows… some of that Karma might even come around – the Universe does tend to balance out over all 😉

        Talk it over with G.

        I’ve looked up check cashing and it seems BoA may be right – crooks can cash cheques almost immediately and your funds are gone but if a legit company sends you a cheque from their bank and you put it in your account you cant get the cash for anywhere up to 10 days while they confirm the legit bank has the money in the senders account – how is that fair?



        • I will think about it and I will talk to Garry. I haven’t yet. He’s so pissed off about this and I think one of the things about it that bothers him most is that for most of his adult life, he was in a position to deal with these bastards … and now he isn’t. It makes him feel helpless … not a good feeling for any adult male. Or female, for that matter.

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          • Before we go any further, I need your real name and your real email address. Sometimes I can get the email from your profile, but I couldn’t find yours and I think we should take this offline. I’m going to give you information I don’t want all over the internet.

            Garry says he can’t remember all the times in his life he has given money to friends who needed it. Some gave it back, many didn’t. If I had all the money I’ve given to friends and family through the years, we we be … lord … hundreds of thousands of dollars richer by now. I don’t think about it because I did what I could for those I cared about. Sometimes, it was worth it. Sometimes, not so much but I never have I felt bad about giving help to anyone who needed help … even when we were just this side of going under too.

            This is pretty much what Garry pointed out. We give to others, and sometimes — amazingly enough — someone gives to us.

            I know Garry is going to write to you also. That’s why he’d like your name and a real address, email, et all.

            Yes, I have a PayPal account. I haven’t used it in a while, but I checked and it’s alive and well and they have a lot of fancy new features they didn’t have last time I used it.

            I can’t begin to tell you how touched we are. I’m trying to not get all sodden with tears and all that, but it’s such a rare thing for anyone to reach out and offer. The only thing Garry wanted to be sure of was this money would be to buy the DOOR, NOT for court related stuff. I agree with that. Courts might eventually bring this back home, but I am not counting on that. This guy is a drifter. He has, apparently (thanks to Bill Brown — Evil Squirrel who did some research for me) scammed his way through three states so far, so I’m betting before I can stop him, he will be on to his next port of call.

            In the meantime, we really NEED a door and this would give us the means to get one. Since my son and his friend have offered to install it — meaning we don’t have to find workmen to do it — and I know my son will get it done — I can feel optimistic that before winter comes, we’ll have a door that does what doors are supposed to do.

            Do you have my email address? If not, you can email me through my contact box. We can continue this with more privacy. Once I know you have my address, I’ll delete it from here.

            I’ve left this post up for two days and I’m no comfortable leaving it any further. If you’ve withdrawn you offer, that’s okay. You never owed me anything anyway and all you had to do is say so. But I would appreciate a word just so I know what’s going on. You don’t need to write an essay, but nothing is a bit too slim!


  6. Oh, Marilyn, I feel so bad for you. Those pictures are horrible. Did you report him to the authorities? He probably has done this to other people. But don’t beat yourself up about it. Even hiring a “reputable” contractor and getting a signed contract doesn’t always help. When we had our roof done the first time, we used a local guy with really good reviews, fully licensed, we viewed other houses he had done, and his father worked for the Town we live in. We even knew where the contractor lived, which was just a couple of blocks from our own home. The roof came with a guarantee. When the roof failed just two years later, the contractor refused to answer our calls, and calls to his office wouldn’t connect because he had moved his business. No, his business didn’t fold – his trucks were still seen driving around, and he still lived in the same house. We thought about confronting him in person or taking him to court, but it just wasn’t worth the hassle. It cost us $2,000 to replace the portion of the roof over the kitchen that had failed.


    • We’ve gone with local Uxbridge FB page (it’s a bigger deal than you might think), the Boston Globe’s editor that does this stuff and the woman at Channel 7 who does the same (and who is an old colleague of Garry’s). For now, that’s all i can do. Not surprisingly, I’m totally out of money. I’m trying to find a way to feel better about this. I’m sure i will. Where is Karma when you REALLY need it?


      • Well, if it helps any, you have all of us here on WP.


        • It does, in a way, at least discovering that this happens to other people and I’m not the only fool. I have a lot of trouble understanding these people. Ultimately, they will be out of business because word does spread, so what’s the point? It’s not going to build them a working business and there are a lot of people out there hating them.

          Cheaters and frauds baffle me. I know it happens a LOT but I’ll never really get it.

          Thank you. Yes, it really does help.

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  7. People who live in cities just don’t realise how much harder it is to get things done. There are fewer suppliers so you often have to pay freight to get stuff and some trades people charge a fee just to come and see you if they have to come from the city. I am lucky that we have a lot of local tradespeople and I can find someone for most of the things I’ve needed to do. Not always the cheapest but people I can trust who have been recommended by friends. My biggest annoyance is the ones who promise to call you back but never do. My sister, in another country town has been trying to get a plasterer for three years but nobody wants her job because it is not large enough to warrant coming to her town.
    I am so sorry this has happened to you. You really did not need this.


    • Sometimes, you get really good local deals, but it depends on what you need and whether there’s someone local who does the work. We only have one guy who does wells, but he’s insanely fair and honest even though he could really kill his clients. I have found a local manufacturer of doors — and now that my son and his friend have offered to install it, I can manage the door if I don’t also have to find people to install it. It’s so hard to lose so much money … for nothing. I like to think (hope?) that it will all work out somehow.

      The hardest thing around here is delivery. If an item has to come from another part of the state, the cost of shipping is ridiculous and can add 25% or more to the price of the item. It’s often cheaper to pay a little more locally than it is to buy it from one of the big box store and have it delivered.

      The worst are the ones who have taken a deposit against supplies for a job and they don’t call. They don’t do anything. How they live with themselves, I don’t know. Apparently they don’t have a conscience.

      If I’ve done nothing else, I think I’ve pretty much eliminated this town as a place for guy to do anything. People got so excited about it that they all started listing the contractors who had taken money from them and never delivered the work. I think we have the makings of a list!

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  8. This sickens me, Marilyn. Not only because that is a heckuva lot of money, but you really want to believe in your fellow man. I do like to think there is good in people. This blows that whole theory. I hope getting the word out there via your blog and FB and the local news brings something good your way. Those photos are awful. It looks OK to him? What pictures did his guys send him? He needs to get out of the business.


  9. I am speechless and as you say there is not very much you can do. I don’t know how things work in the States, but this guy should be banned from having a company. All I can say is use the connections you have, which you seem to be doing. I hope that somewhere somehow you get some justice for this fraud that has been comitted.


    • Owen already called the Better Business Bureau. They don’t have power per se, but they will post a list of who should be warned against. We also contacted the Boston Globe (they have a reporter who does this kind of work) and the woman at Channel 7 who does the same thing. Both are former colleagues of Garry. All they can do is exert pressure. Even a court order wouldn’t guarantee money because most people ignore them. You need to hire a constable or sheriff … and short of shooting the guy, there’s not much they can do except look authoritative. We have done what we can do. I’m not feeling really good about myself right now.


  10. Angie’s List.., it’s now free


  11. Are there any consumer advocates there especially in the media, Marilyn? This is terrible.


  12. I’m very, very sorry this happened to you. I was scammed, too, as you know. The guy went right to my bank (one or two blocks away) and cashed the check I gave him for the deposit. The difference is he did no work for me and what I paid him I can regard as “found” money, but it’s still not OK.

    I feel like a fool, too. I’ve been thinking for the last few days about the relationship between having money and self-esteem. That’s nothing I ever thought of before, but it’s real. Money is power in a personal sense, too, something — again — I never thought of. I’m fighting the fact that I feel like a worthless sack of excrement over this whole thing as I move forward to put my little savings into the work of better contractors. I’m trying to think of jobs done right and finished, of winter without a leaking garage and a real garage door. It’s not working very well. I dreamed of fraud, deceit and so on last night — again.

    I really just want to curl up into a ball, close the doors, board up the windows and fade away right now. I’m so finished.

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    • I feel the same way. And like you, I STILL need to get the work done. Yes, mine was also “found money” in the sense that we sold an old car, so that’s where the money came from. But it’s gone, so now it’s credit or trying to decide if I can go another thousand dollars into our pathetic bank account. I feel like such a loser.

      Money isn’t just a way to buy and sell things. People will tell you the details of their sex life before they tell you what’s in their paycheck. Money is serious and highly personal. I remember, long years ago, when a friend commented that “self respect starts at $150 a week.” That was 1972, so the price has gone up.

      I’m having trouble coping with this. I should be furious, looking for lawyers. Instead, I want to go away and never come back. It’s awful.

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      • Ha ha ha! I remember that. In 1974 I got a $500/month pay check at Head Ski and my ex and I felt like we’d hit the big time. BUT I imagine that was like $2000 today…

        The self-doubt thing is huge. There are NO CHOICES where I live. If I’m going to get a new garage door (and I must) I can buy from a big box store in a city 2 hours away and find someone to install it here. That’s easily $800. If I buy it from the guy down here who sells and installs garage doors, that’s $875 AND he’s looked at the job, measured everything, and ordered the door without a deposit. And yet a friend (who doesn’t live here) says, “Isn’t that a lot?” That is NOT what I need to hear right now. She cannot know what it’s like living in a tiny town in a very remote place. She has not ever bought a garage door. It’s not just hard to make these decisions (and consummately uninteresting), it’s not just being scammed, it’s that people can’t shut up or say, “You were able to find one down there? That’s amazing!” which is, of course, absolutely true.

        And, people do things differently down here. I didn’t know this but there is a garage door manufacturer in rural Illinois who sells garage doors directly to installer/dealers in rural areas. They found a niche and they work with it. No one in a city would know about this. Part of my lack of self-esteem and footing with myself is because I’m still a stranger in a strange land…

        I just want it over. And the party in August for my book? I dunno… I’m doing it but you know, I dunno.

        Hell is other people. 😀

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        • I would be thrilled with $2000. That would be $550 more than Social Security!

          Yes. One of the really horrible things is that for the same money i just lost, I could have actually GOTTEN a new door. Brand new. Made to order. Of course, Owen and his friend would not have been volunteering to install it, which they are doing now. If they’d said that earlier, the story might have been different, but better late than never I suppose. Maybe I can write this off as “work” I don’t have to pay for? I’m trying to find ANY way to look at it that doesn’t leave me nauseated and cringing.

          It IS different in the country. The “big box stores” charge MORE for the item (NOT less) AND charge big money to deliver it. You need to find (and you have, you smart person) a local contractor who can do the job and won’t kill you on delivery. People who live in the suburbs don’t realize what a huge difference there is between getting work down in a close suburb of Boston and out in the boonies of the Blackstone valley.

          People who don’t know anything about this stuff should just shut up.

          By the way, I think we are working with that same company. They deliver to our local lumber yard and they are cheaper than Home Depot or Lowe’s.

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      • People keep their mobile phone’s code of origin these days, even after they’ve moved to a new permanent location. I think this has to change as it’s confusing to know who you’re communicating with or where they’re located, especially if the mobile is being used for business.


  13. We have a segment in our local paper that writes about people like this. You should contact your local paper to see if they’d be interested in printing the story.

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  14. I’d report him to one of those TV News Channels that fights for consumers. This is awful and shameful! He should be sued so you not only get your money back but for emotional damages. Disgraceful. If I had some extra money I’d give it to you and Garry.

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  15. Do you have a Small Claims Court? It’s easier and less costly than regular courts, and you definitely have the proof!

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