The sun is shining and today is door shopping day!

It was pouring last night, but they promised a sunny day today and for once, they delivered. It’s bright and beautiful out there and in a few minutes, my son and I are hitting the road, hopefully to order a door for the house. I haven’t entirely worked out how I’ll pay for it, but since I absolutely need it, there’s no choice but to get a door.

Choices are:

Wood — No way! I don’t care how fancy it is or how much it costs. Wood rots fast in this climate and it would need replacing in just a couple of years.

Fiberglass — If affordable, they are strong, look for all practical purposes like wood and do not rot.  (Note: Not affordable! Not even close!)

Steel — Steel are now designed to look just like any other door, though they do not imitate wood to the degree that Fiberglass will. You can paint it, but you can’t stain it. Cheaper than Fiberglass. Much cheaper than wood. Very sturdy, but might rust or dent. Still, it’s significantly cheaper than Fiberglass and will probably be our best bet. The styles look just like any other door with sidelights. I am NOT sure how you put a doggy door in a steel door. That’s a bit worrisome.

This is it! Bought it. Delivery in a couple of weeks!

I like simple doors. A lot of them come with really fancy glass, but this is not a fancy house and all that etched glass and other designs would look (I think) out-of-place.

Now, I have to figure out what color I want. Would green clash? Some kind of blue with white trim?


  1. I think our front door is steel clad. Looks somewhat like the one pictured there. I painted the out side milk chocolate and it is still white on the inside. It’s standing up pretty well and we seem to get much the same weather.

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    1. These are supposed to be pretty sturdy and relatively low on the “rot” scale. Also, safe, though since we often don’t lock the house, it doesn’t really matter I suppose 😀 I was thinking maybe a medium slate blue with white sidelights, white inside.

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  2. Definitely blue, blue is always good. Hope it all goes well. At least it will be caterpillar proof and otherwise bug proof, they prefer softer stuff where they can burrow into and make their nests.


    1. That’s true, but I can’t get THIS door with a doggy door in it. The door will cost me about $60. The special door? Lord only knows. Owen has done this a couple of times already. We’ve always had dogs and their doors. I’m too old and cranky to be up and down hundreds of times a day so my dogs can feel free to roam!

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      1. I know you can use a jigsaw. She did that on one of the doors here. We have 3 cat doors and we need a 4th in my door. Otherwise the cats come and scratch on the outside door in my son’s room and wake him a dozen times a night and he’s not able to sleep. So that’s coming soon, hopefully. We have the cat door, just haven’t installed it yet. Were you able to obtain a door? One that you like? I’d for the metal doors. We have 5 exisits on this place, all but mine are metal. Mine’s an antique with a lovely window with pictures in it. I’m loath to get rid of it, but this house connects to the main house through that door. In order to sell this place (an eventuality now the forest is gone) a real proper door must be installed making it a truly separate abode. It works for us as we’re all family. I am going to hate having a solid metal door in place of the windowed one as it lets extra light in. And when I’m watching the wee ones, I can see far enough into the other house I can see what they are up to and whether I need to go take care of things. A solid metal door means no sound, no sight and then I’ll probably have to keep it open 24 7 in order to know what’s going on. oh yay! there goes any and all privacy lol


        1. If you can see the picture in the post, it shows the door. It IS metal, but it has a BIG window. That was the one thing I wanted: more light. Ironically (and happily), the one with the big glass window was less money than the solid one, so yay for us!

          Suffice to say metal doors have come a very long way in the past few years. They look like regular doors.


  3. Was trying to find your original post with the pics of the door and damage they did to it but can’t find it. Anyway, you’d need to premark the door where you want the doggy door, tracing works well, then cut inside those lines with a jigsaw. She’s done it several times. A drill on the inside of the corner then cut up to the next corner, drill another hole and cut to that etc. There is a pheen saw that works well and does a smoother job but expensive as all get out. I’ll talk to her later get the particulars. That’s from memory such as it is hehe


    1. This won’t be our first doggy door. And because it’s a steel door, my son is aware that this has to be done carefully. I believe he already has the tools he needs, but if he doesn’t, I’ll get them for him. But i think his Sawzall will do the job with the correct blade.

      This is the updated version. It’s the same as the original, including the pictures, with a couple of added paragraphs.


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