We had to take the dogs and go somewhere for a couple of hours this afternoon. The exterminators were exterminating and all life forms with four or fewer feet had to leave. And stay gone for at least two hours. It has been beautiful for the last week, but today, it rained. So there would be no long walks by the river. Instead, we took the Scotties on their first joint excursion to PetSmart. Bonnie has been there before, but it was a long time ago and she has forgotten. Gibbs … well … his life has been rather limited. Everything for him is a first.

Neither dog is properly leash broken. Our bad. Rather than wrestle with them as we walked through the aisles, we put each dog in a trolley and pushed them around. Bonnie whimpered every time we passed another dog.

I could hear their mental conversation.

“Hey, Gibbs!”

“Yo, Bonnie!”

“What is this place? Why are we here? What are they doing to us? Is this going to hurt?”

“I smell DOGS. I think I smell cats, too.”

“Gibbs! I’m pretty sure I smell birds. Birds! Maybe we should bark. You wanna bark?”

“Naw, Bonnie. I’m going to hunker down and worry.”

“I guess I should worry too. Woe! They’re putting us back into the car … and nothing happened. We’re driving again. Is there going to be soap?”

“They might try to look at my ears. I don’t like it when they look in my ears.”

“I’m scared, Gibbs.”

“Me too Bonnie. Let’s crouch in the back here until we find out what’s going on.”

Then, we stopped at the supermarket. While Garry and the two dogs waited in the car, I went inside. And bought things. I came out, opened the hatch. Put stuff in the car. The dogs looked at me, fear and concern wrinkling their little brows. I patted them, then closed the gate.


“Yeah, Gibbs.”

“Nothing has happened yet. Now I’m really scared.”

“Me too, Gibbs.”

We drove home. Walked them to the gate. Put them in the yard and closed the gate. They sat on the front step, too perturbed to go inside. What did this mean? What was happening?

They are still waiting. Luckily by tomorrow, the terribleness will have passed and been forgotten.


  1. I had to evacuate Ody and Spilly when the flea infestation I had got so bad that I was forced to bug bomb the house… only I took them to my Mom & Dad’s for the time, where my sister’s cat proceeded to terrorize them (At least Ody, who hid underneath a cushion the whole time). I don’t think my current iteration of cats would like a visit to Petsmart one bit, but it was funny to hear what the doggies were thinking while in there!


    1. They were deeply confused and worried. Usually, a trip anywhere is the vet or the groomer — and neither makes them happy. So they were waiting for the Bad Things to happen. Soap. Shots. Someone messing with their ears or eyes. When nothing happened, they were even MORE confused. Poor babies. I would never take a cat there. Too many dogs and too easy to escape. But we didn’t have anywhere else to go. They have recovered.

      Bonnie was so upset, she had trouble eating dinner. For Bonnie, that’s HUGE.


  2. The vet threat seems to be one of the major problems in a pets life. I used to take three cats at once for the annual jabs, that was a major act of war and needed strategic planning


    1. They have bonded, but they are also like little kids who don’t want to share their toys — us. ONLY one of them can sit by us at a time. If the other comes up, the first one jumps down. They share everything except us.

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