1. So your saying a LOT more work goes into displaying a great photo than just taking the pic huh? πŸ˜‰

    Love the results here.

    I have only very, very basic processing skill, pretty much limited to cropping and adjusting the gamma (whatever the heck that is!) to even the lighting level. Most of my blog photos are what i snap is what you get.



    • That’s what I did for a long time. Eventually, I saw what others were doing and I decided to give it a try. I’m still relatively primitive compared to a lot of other people. Photo processing is complicated. The tools are not simple and there’s a lot of judgment involved. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m doing more than I used to. I’ll never be as good as many other people because I’m not trying hard enough. Still, I can do more than I used to, especially with pictures I like but which have some kind of technical problem. I can correct a lot more than I used to, but not nearly as much as I could if I worked harder.


    • Filters. It was a very bright day. The hard part was evening out the two parts of the picture so they didn’t look like to parallel worlds. The cat was the hardest one. His right side (looking at him) was much lighter than his left side. Took me a while. I do the processing. Photoshop is not for the faint of heart.


      • Filters…I’ve always been slim on those, and not just via photography. πŸ˜‰ Those inspire me to dig deeper. They are quite lovely. Very very nice work.


        • They save a lot of time, but they also open up opportunities for many pictures. No matter how good you are at taking pictures, many don’t quite work out. Lighting is usually our big problem and almost always, too much in the wrong place. Filters let me get the colors back to where they began, even out the tones through the pictures so that the photograph looks a bit more like my eyes saw it. I can also play with pictures and make them more painterly and this is particularly useful when it’s a pictures that I can’t reduce enough to put it on line (very complicated pictures use a LOT of space) and when somehow, softer and a bit abstract just feels right.

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    • Thank, Cee. Glad you like them. I kibitzed with the cat. I believe he has an AFTRA card. Told me to see his agent.


  2. Wonderful photos all of them. I was going to say I love that cat and then I saw the swing, so I love that as well. The bird nesting box on the tree, wonderful and the red fire engine with the “driver” standing next to it.

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