I read a post about health care in which the entire comment column was made up of people fighting tooth and nail to get rid of health care. Most of the writers were obviously not well-educated people. That’s another way of my saying I don’t think I’ve ever seen such awful language pretending to be English. I’m not talking about typos. These are people who are, at best, barely literate.

And all of them, deeply and powerfully full of hate.

Photo: Garry Armstrong

They were frothing at the mouth with fury at the Democrat’s attempt to keep health care available to everyone. The very idea that this ought to be a battle about serving the health needs of the American people … and not about offering bigger tax cuts for people who already have more money than all the people I know — collectively.

They were furious. Enraged. Spewing violence and filth and hatred. To get rid of health care.

I did not get involved in this “conversation.” It was more an abscess than a conversation, a deep infection which will probably cause someone’s jaw to fall off.  Eventually. There would have been no point. These are not people who are listening to anyone but themselves. They have made up their minds — years ago I think — and do not wish to be confused with facts contrary to their preconceptions.

Aldrich Street as the sun sets

Imagine, for a moment, how much good these same people could do if they were fighting for something worth fighting for? If they were fighting tooth, nail, fang, and claw to keep the water clean. To stop air pollution. To keep developers from flattening every last tree and paving over anything alive and growing. Imagine, if you will, that all of these angry people could be persuaded to care about things that will matter not only to politicians, but to their grandchildren and the children who come after that.

Imagine the power we would have if we could stop hating and start caring.



  1. If only we would could come together and fight for basic human rights. That would include access to clean water and health care would be right up there.


  2. In a way, in a perverse sort of way, I would like to see the Republicans succeed with their inhumane health care bill and for Trump to sign it into law. That way, all those ignorant people who don’t even know or are unable to understand what is in their own best interests will feel the price of their stupidity.


    • You would think that, wouldn’t you? Except they will STILL blame the Democrats and Obama, even though they are long out of office. These are not rational people. These are not people who think. These are people born to follow a dictator.

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    • Thank you. I bought a tiny little grill and some Matchlight charcoal. We shall eat meat and burn it before consuming it. This will affirm our positions as modern Americans. Maybe it won’t rain! Have a great one yourself!

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  3. It’s hard to understand isn’t it? Sometimes it is the people who public healthcare is meant to help who don’t want it simply because it is not a plan their party of choice supports. If only people would vote for what was best for the majority not for personalities or the party they or their family have always voted for. Definitly keep away from toxic social media threads.


  4. This is really one thing I don’t understand. Is it because they are paying for something that they might not need? But you never know what is round the corner. I have lived in two health systems, the British and the Swiss and both having the good side outweighing the bad. The British is free, although you have to accept waiting times and not the best medicine. You pay in Switzerland but you get good treatment including specialists.


    • Honestly? I have no idea what they are objecting to. It doesn’t make ANY sense to me. They don’t have to pay for it if they can’t — and surely, they are already getting their medical care for free anyway. These are people, I’m sure, destitute. They don’t like it because Trump says so. And because Obama instituted it.. Hate and more hate, even if they are the victims.

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