Now that the front door and sidelights is ordered, I need to get a doggy door. The one we’ve got is huge. We’ve had so many different dogs, from very small to really big, we needed one door to fit all of them. Now, though, with just the two terriers, we can drop down from the extra-large to a medium. Both dogs are the right height for medium, but if Bonnie gets any more rotund, I’m afraid it’ll be like Winnie the Pooh all over again. Poor Bonnie, stuck in the door!

I measured the dogs. When I was done, I put the tape measure back in its container and looked up Scottish Terriers because you can’t measure a wriggling dog. Bonnie was either 10 or 13-inches tall. Gibbs was maybe 12 or possibly 14-inches tall. Both seemed to be about 15-inches wide, which would make them wider than they are tall … so I went with the breed description.


You’d think getting a doggy door would be a no-brainer after dealing with getting the entire front door, but nothing is easy. Initially, I figured I’d get another Pet Safe door since we’ve had them for the past 17 years and they never wear out. You just get a new flap when the old ones gets warped from sun, wind, snow, rain … and being whacked head-first by a charging dog. When Bishop was a young one, he’d leap down the stairs and straight out the door with all the other guys following him.

Whack, thump, bang, whack, whack. Then they all turned around and came back in. More whacks and thumps and bangs.

Dog doors come with and without electronics. With soft and hard doors. They also come with multiple layers of flaps or hard doors Β to keep the heat in and the cold out … or the cold in and the bugs out. Some were more expensive than the entire front door and two sidelights I just bought.

I wanted a regular door. Not hard, because our dogs are not used to hard doors and I’m pretty sure getting smacked on the head by a hard plastic door a few hundred times a day might discourage them from using it — not what I want. So soft. And not black. One of the nicer doors comes with a heavy black flap … but Gibbs gets freaked out when he can’t see the light on the other side. I also didn’t want one of the new Pet Safe doors because there are a lot of complaints from people like me who had the older doors and think the new ones are plastic junk.

Crazy dogs!

Eventually, I went to and had a sensible conversation with their online chat person. She said “Go with Ideal. Better than Pet Safe, not as expensive as Hale.” There were a few others she didn’t bother to mention. A bit pricey. You could buy a Harley for less money.

So, I’m down to two doors. Really, more like one door, but you can buy it in plastic or aluminum. I’m betting we’ll go with aluminum.

All of this took me hours and I’m exhausted. I have spent a lot of money I don’t have and will have to spend another few hundred for all the finishing pieces. Two-by-fours and molding and paint and doggy doors and flooring. Weather stripping. Screw and nuts and bolts and blades for the Sawzall. And, at the end of this, presumably, we will have a door for humans and dogs and I will not have to think about this again for another decade or two.

Just imagine how much more complicated planning health care would be. My mind boggles.

19 thoughts on “BUYING A DOOR FOR THE DOGS”

  1. I know you have had bad experiences recently, but have you considered getting a decent handyman to make one up for you? We had a German Shepherd a while back and Dad made a perfectly good and functional doggie door for practically nothing. The materials should not really amount to all that much and a good craftsman should be able to knock something up fairly fast meaning labour should not be all that much? Might be a money saver? Not sure how things are over there handyman-wise?

    Just a thought I had πŸ™‚

    Hopefully 44.5 won’t soon extend his deportations to Scottish immigrants of the four-legged variety to make America grate again! πŸ˜‰


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    1. The pre-made ones — at least the ones I’m looking at — are not very expensive and the good thing is that when the flaps wear out, you can just order a new flap. A lot of people make the doors themselves, but since my son is doing the installing, I think it would be wise to not stress his carpentering abilities too far. He’s not bad, but no professional … and he works full time. AND it’s a steel door, so a metal framed door seems sensible. But honestly, I’m more confused about this than i was about the main door. That was relatively simple.

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    2. MacCheesehead 45 has a hard doggy door. Keeps whacking him hard on his Astrodome turf head. lwbut — maybe MacCheesehead 45 will tour Botany Bay someday soon.

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      1. Our Prime Minister got in a spot recently after a video of a private dinner (with only some 600 invited guests, mostly journalists!) ‘somehow’ leaked to the mainstream – you know, fake – press. The video showed him lampooning Donald while also laughing at himself for not doing all that well in the polls. If 44.5 does come down (and our extreme vetting somehow lets the creep through customs and immigration) It might well be another ‘icy’ meeting between them. Personally i’m hoping we revoke his visa and turn his jet around on the runway – if he makes it that far and can remember where the hell Australia is.


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        1. I know he has been told he’s not welcome in GB. I have a feeling his people know he’s probably not welcome down your way, either. What Trump knows or doesn’t know? I have no idea. Sometimes i think he’s smarter than he seems, but mostly, I think he’s suffering from senile dementia. It really would explain a LOT.

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  2. I didn’t realize there were so many doggie door possibilities. Cats are easier, with or without magnet opener. We have with, and Tabby wears the magnet key on her collar. Nothing special, there is only one sort of magnet and all cats have the same.

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    1. Honestly, I didn’t know either, but I think it’s because dogs vary so much in size and even a little dog has to go through a door or a wall rather than a window. I’ve always owned a simple flap with a slide-in cover so you can keep the dog in — like when people are delivering oil or something. The magnetic locks get more complicated for dogs who aren’t accustomed to collars and are used to charging the door. Our dogs hit the door at a full run usually and it wouldn’t be long enough to set the door to open. We have a door now that would be big enough for a huge dogs, so we can get something smaller. But Bonnie is a bit wide, so it can’t be TOO small. I wanted to get something that wouldn’t let winter blow through, but the multi flap doors are complicated and a lot of dogs don’t like them, so finally, I went back to something very much like what we already have, but better made. I haven’t bought it yet. I want Owen to measure the area and make sure it will fit where he wants to put it. I am SO confused!

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      1. Bonnie and Gibbs need a soft door. They aren’t like those 60’s TV PI’s who get sapped every day and walk away with a silly smile.


  3. It does seem we spend far more time deciding on animal doors than we do people doors. We needed a new back door and it took my husband a half hour to decide on which and what. It took us three days of hunting online and off, to find the right sized cat door.


    1. Yup, that’s in. Went into Koopman. The door guy and I settled on a good door with more glass than the current one — more light would be a nice touch — and the deal was done. The doggy door still isn’t finished. I think I know what I want, but I need Owen to measure and make sure it will fit where he wants it to because if not, we may need to rethink where to put it. And while we could learn to unlock and use a different door, the dogs are used to this door and if I change it too much, they might refuse to use it and then, OY VAY.

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