Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: July 2, 2017

Today is the second day of July and summer, according to our grocery store manager, is over. All the summer stuff — like barbecue sets — are gone. Time for back to school specials. This was a statement sufficiently odd to aggravate me. This is why I give up and shop online.

You can’t buy a pair of shorts in August or a pair of sandals by the end of June. Christmas starts long before the autumn leaves have turned and Halloween candy is in final sale in mid September. This is not just one store. This is all the stores, from Walmart to the grocer.

My personal suggestion to the powers that be — and anyone who is in charge of stocking stores? Slow down. You may think summer is over, but most of us have just gotten here. I didn’t even think about barbecue sets until today. If you don’t have what we need, we’ll go elsewhere and buy it there. I’m not going to buy  my sandals in April. My feet are cold in April.

And now, back to the photography section of oddballs, already in progress.

A piece of car
A view from Dana-Farber
Dining room – a view
Dog cushion

20 thoughts on “SUMMER’S OVER – THEY TOLD ME SO”

    1. The car IS a good color and one of my favorites for cars, a kind of jewel-like red.

      The dog cushion was a gift from a friend with dogs. She saw it and knew it had to be ours. It has been on our sofa ever since. Bonnie must love it too because she gets on the sofa and knocks it off. We put it on, she knocks it back down. It is her Frisbee 🙂

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  1. I can see you’re having some fun with those photos, Marilyn.
    I hear you about the shortening of the seasons at the store. I remember one August when they started selling artificial Christmas Trees. Who thinks of these things?


  2. I have been working at Mecca for so long, that the Six Seasons of Retail (Valentines Day, Easter, Summer, Back To School, Halloween, and Christmas) have become second nature to me and the regular calendar people go by seems odd. This week the camping/outdoor supplies and fans/ACs come out of the aisles so the Back To School can come out. We’re not getting rid of any of it… just moving it off the main stage. Any store that isn’t selling BBQ sets through Labor Day isn’t even trying to be successful (You can even get charcoal at Mecca in December)… but the time to display that summer stuff front and center has definitely come to an end. One other interesting thing…. now that the kids go back to school here in mid August, setting it up in early July is no longer as strange as it used to be…


    1. They had NOTHING left. Not BBQ sets. No charcoal. No handy little grills. Nothing. Nada.

      Hannaford has a knack for knowing what their customers want and making sure they can’t get it. If it sells quickly, you can be sure they won’t resupply. I finally told the guy yesterday I’m going to have to seriously rethink shopping. I said “You can’t even keep carrying brands we like.”

      He said “I’ve heard that from other customers, too.”

      I said “Maybe because it’s true?”

      Duh. If we bought more food, I’d have already relocated, but we don’t buy that much stuff. Whatever we DO buy, I am sure Hannaford won’t have it. Even if they had it last week.


      1. Grocery stores and drug stores like to get in on the seasonal act to try and get the extra sales, but they don’t have the means to follow through until the end like the more general discount stores can. To be seasonally in stock at the end of the season means also running the inevitable risk of having lots of extra stock remaining once the season is over. Mecca can absorb those losses and deal with the overflow, but the more detail oriented chains in the retail industry can’t. Grocery stores especially are known for having razor thin margins and can’t afford to have excess seasonal merchandise sitting around after season because you have to take deep markdowns to get it to sell…


  3. And there you have the basic problem with the ‘system’… stores are in business primarily to make a profit, not to serve the customer’s needs, which vary, are frequently irrational and hard to predict accurately and who can be quite fickle when there is a better special at the next store! As in life, you personally may be a loyal person and stay with your local favourite store, but most shoppers aren’t and it’s them stores make most efforts to catch.

    Here in Aus we had traditional Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday/Easter (April this year) on shelves the week after New Year! Sweet buns are not normally known for their 3 month shelf life so buying them early is hardly a customer requirement and yet if you ask why the answer is because of ‘customer demand’!

    Politicians are not the only section of the community that will happily lie to your face it seems. 😉



      1. Agreed! trouble is, not all that many of the candidates are able to retain voter’s interests as their priority once the lobbyists of corporations get into their ears and wallets. You elect – they select!



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