Flower of the Day – July 3, 2017 – Lilies and Roses

They started late, but they have certainly made up for lost time! The rose bushes are covered with flowers and there are more lilies than I could ever count.

Lilies, roses, and an old tractor
A few with plenty more buds
A full flowering of roses
One lily

Lilies and roses


    1. I love when everything blooms together. We have this blast of flowers for about three weeks. Then the lilies will be gone and the roses will bloom, but not like they are blooming now. They sure did take their time, but wow.

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    1. I went out there today and had to clip everything down. The plants have gone crazy and are growing so fast I can’t keep up with them. Yes indeed, they took their time but wow, what a display! Garry took more pictures today. A couple of more weeks and it will slow down, but for now, it’s amazing.


  1. Spectacular pictures Marilyn. I LOVE roses. I love many flowers tbo, but there’s something about roses! Their beautiful scent is incredible and to my way of thinking never be replicated by a perfumery (is there such a word?) cause the real thing is spectacular. Your pictures are absolute exquisite! Thank you for sharing them.


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