Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – July 7, 2017

I thought I had lost this picture and I suppose I did. I had it printed on canvas, but I gave that away as a gift — under the assumption I could easily find the original.

It was gone. I looked through every folder I could and it was gone. I have a photograph of the print I made, but no photograph, not even a “proofed” version. Except I forgot about Facebook. I was roaming through my photos on Facebook … and there it was. So I made a copy of the copy and it’s here. If I had the original, I could have fixed the detail and generally spiffed it up a bit, but I never expected to have this, so here is my lost photograph.

Perfect path

It is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a perfect “path in the woods” shot. I wish I had the original and a wish I’d used a better camera. Except at the time, this was the best — only — camera I owned.

And now, pictures from late this afternoon, down by the river.

The path and steps to the canal. Fishing in July

Path to the river and canal

Summertime by the canal

The wide Blackstone River and the road


    • It was a great place and the light was perfect. I don’t remember where it is because someone else — one of my granddaughter’s friends — took us there. I love the picture and was really happy to at least have some copy of it.

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    • This is probably its least charming period with the heavy humidity and gazillion bugs. But it will (usually) only last a month. By August, the flying jaws will be gone and the mosquitoes will be fewer, if not gone. As will all those nasty fluttery things. THIS is the month to be on the seashore. The breeze blows the bugs away and lightens the air!

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