We went shooting yesterday. It was a warm July day, the kind of day I do not love. Not terribly hot, but so humid the air felt soupy. The insects were thicker than pollen and I could feel them bumping into my dress and my hair. We weren’t outside long. As soon as I felt one crawling down my collar, I called “uncle” and headed for the car.

Low-hanging clouds over the river, late on a summer’s day

I knew it would rain. The clouds were building. It was late in the day and they were piling up like thunderheads. We were home for maybe half an hour when the clouds opened and rain fell like a sheet. But hopefully, it will mean a better day tomorrow.

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. I also (finally!) got a good wide-angle. Used, but it’s in great condition, so all the wide shots down at the canal were taken with the new but used 12mm f2 Olympus lens. What a pleasure to have a wide angle that doesn’t twist everything into some strange shape!


        1. I was surprised by the lens. I thought it would be much more distorted. It is, basically, a 12mm lens, so even though the perspective is 24mm, the optics remain 12mm. I figured it would look kind of like a fish-eye pretending to be wide-angle … but it’s GREAT. It’s the only lens I won’t use in automatic. It has such a deep, long, infinite focus, putting it in automatic makes it try to focus on things “up front” … so THIS lens, I focus manually. I have been waiting YEARS for this lens 😀

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    1. Black & white does that, especially with clouds. And it definitely rained. Heavily and soon. I think if you want to really SEE clouds, black & white is the way to go! It’s much fresher today. It doesn’t feel like a steam bath.

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