Did mom and dad let you hunt woolly mammoths after you finished your homework? Didn’t you love tearing the raw mammoth meat from the bones and making fire by pounding flint-on-flint? We didn’t need no stinking cell phones or cable TV. We did it all with flint and raw muscle power. If you were weak, you were soon also dead. And that’s the way it going to be again really soon.

Hey, remember having to walk ten miles for a small piece of flint?

stone tools

Those were the days, weren’t they? Kids today. They have it so easy!

Medical care? If you got too sick, they whacked you over the head with a mammoth bone and left you to rot. Kids, if you didn’t know, that was how the Republican party was born. Mammoths evolved into elephants and voilà! Our first political party!

Don’t forget to grab your flint before you leave the room today.


Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.


    1. Actually, it turns out PEOPLE got them all. The mammoths were humans first species extinction. We did it with stone axes! We are SO much better at it now, though. We can clear the earth of all those unnecessary species! Pass the mammoth. I like mine rare.

      On another note, there was a warning from our medical alert group in DC to be sure to cook our walrus meat thoroughly. Apparently there’s an outbreak of trichinosis due to under-cooked walrus. Garry pointed out that he has always preferred everything cooked like leather anyway. I told him to go kill a walrus and then we’d discuss it.

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  1. I’ve got dibs on the back of the pickup truck! The only way for any real kid to ride in the days before everyone was afraid we’d fall out of the truck and bust our heads…


      1. oh yeah, and you could lie back and watch the stars overhead and if the driver was really good, you could get motion sickness like nobody’s business.
        When I was little the dimmer switch for car lights was on the floor next to the clutch pedal, and my dad used to pretend he did it by magic. Sometimes he’d let me say the magic word instead.

        And I have a faint memory of being allowed to mix the margarine and the orange dot in the bag, since back then the margarine people weren’t allowed to sell colored margarine. It tasted so damned awful (colored lard, actually) I don’t think the Dairy Council had much to worry about…


        1. My mother went with the butter, but to protect us from ill health, she put it out and would scold anyone who tried to use it. Also, there was no salt on the table. No salt in the food. No pepper, no garlic and we were urged to eat a LOT wheat germ. My mother was an AWFUL cook. My best dinners were those she didn’t cook. So … no margarine, but no edible meals, either.


  2. Do i detect a hint of sarcasm? 😉

    Re: margerine – do you know here in Aus you are not allowed to say the word Margerine anymore, or write it on the packaging? Eating it is just fine of course, but you mustn’t ever mention the M word! The word is bad for you – apparently?



      1. For a long time it was known as (and the common spoken term is still) margerine, however the word has over the last two decades been totally removed from all packaging and advertising of the product – the manufacturers now simply identify it as ‘spread’ (or simply the brand name, Flora, Meadow Lea, eg))??

        As for margerine being bad for you that is largely from the trans fats it contained, although thanks to recent research most manufacturers have made decent efforts to reduce the levels in Marg. (typically now as low as 0.4%)
        Here’s a Quote from a US study: The United States Food and Drug Administration ordered in June 2015 that almost no trans fat could be added to food in America after a three-year grace period. Steven Nissen, the chair of cardiovascular medicine at the Cleveland Clinic said “in many ways, trans fat is a real tragic story for the American diet, In the 1950s and ’60s, we mistakenly told Americans that butter and eggs were bad for them and pushed people to margarine, which is basically trans fat.”

        While butter is a product you can simply make yourself from entirely natural milk and milk fat (cream), marg is purely a manufactured product requiring a (now vegetable) oil/fat base and processes known as hydrolysation and emulsification to make it mix with the skimmed milk content and give a solid at room temperature. I’ve recently heard that we should avoid eating anything with the word ‘Emulsifier’ in it but need to do more research before forming any opinion.

        While i eat it instead of butter (price diff too great) i’m not all that inclined to fully trust that the global corporations and increasingly foreign manufacturing plants who have profits to maintain only ensure that the consumers best health interests are met.
        Admittedly they do seem to have modified many things about their product to put people’s fears more at ease, but i remain a sceptic on the topic. 🙂



      1. Sorry Spike, My Bad with communicating again! 😦

        I meant sarcasm with the cave man/mammoth republicans and voters thing, not with marge. 🙂

        As for it being better for you than butter, i do agree it has less fat than butter but name me one other substance we eat that has two basic types that serve essentially the same purpose and compete for profits against the other where the cheaper one is better for your health?? 🙂



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