Photos by Garry Armstrong

Down the canal with a wide-angle lens

I should know by now that whenever we are out shooting, Garry is going to take a bunch of pictures of me. Like many photographers, I hate having my picture taken. I feel old and lumpy and am deeply suspicious of how horrible I’m going to look as opposed to how awful I looked last time.

Marilyn in motion by the canal

Looking for another picture

These are good “action” shots.I love the movement of the dress, the flow of the fabric and the naturalness. I have labeled these as “Marilyn by Garry” for the month of July. Notice how I am not looking at him. As soon as I look, he backs off. He knows I’m terrible if I see the camera!

Searching the canal

Lining up the lilies



    • Thanks. The dress turned out to be a real winner 🙂 I like the second one because of the motion of the picture, but I mostly actually like these. Interesting casual portraits and I don’t look any worse than usual.


            • The dresses help and they look nice, too. We can’t always fix it. Also, I was deathly thin for several years and almost died of starvation. AND I did NOT look better. I actually looked worse.


              • Awe I’m sorry to hear that. For me, it’s inactivity. I can barely walk at times let alone exercise. Something I once enjoyed. I was forced financially to eat one meal a day that or go without necessary mess, which put my body into starvation mode, hence weight gain. It so far hasn’t received the message that I’m eating a bit healthier these days. Hopefully soon, utll realize I’m not starving and will even out. I live in hope.


                  • That sounds ugly physically and mentally. Im so sorry to hear that Marilyn. I know someone else that’s going through that right now. She’s an online friend. How long did it last and how did you get passed it?


                    • I had no health insurance and I was sort of fading away. Someone told me about a doctor in Boston who might be interested. He was interested. But I had no insurance and no money. One day, I realized I was going to die. Soon. so I called him and said I was pretty sure I was dying. He told me to just come in through the emergency room and he would take care of the rest. They took me in. I spent three weeks with a vitamin drip in my jugular vein trying to get me physically able for surgery. Then, he invented a surgery to fix me. It had never been done before and he warned me it might not work. I pointed out I had nothing to lose because I was going to die otherwise.

                      Anyway, after the surgery, my abdomen went septic and he had to call in the plastic surgery swat team and they performed another surgery, cutting out all the rotting skin on my abdomen and leaving me with a scar that looks like I was partially eaten by a shark. But I got better and a couple of weeks later, I went home. I only weighed 90 pounds and was warned that no matter how difficult it was, I had to eat. I needed to get back up to about 130 pounds. Which I did and then I got cancer in both breasts and they fed me a lot of poison and I put on another thirty pounds.

                      Then my heart started failing and they dealt with that — and I added another 10 pounds. Which is where I am now. I will probably never lose the 40 lbs. extra I’ve got, but compared to all the other stuff I’ve gone through in the past 12 years, the extra weight isn’t such a big deal. It’s surprising what you learn to live with when you’ve already survived nearly dying a few times.


                    • What a scary ordeal. You’ve had a rough go, Marilyn. You are also a survivor or you would have given up long ago. You have a purpose that obviously hasn’t been completed as yet. What that is is anybody guess. It’s also truly amazing what we can live through. I’m indeed proud of the doctor who willingly assisted you. He is a TRUE MD. Not ruled first by money then assistance. A man indeed among men who took his oath seriously. I for one am so glad your here. It’s a pleasure to share a glimpse into your life whether it be struggle, day to day or the sharp Witt you are blessed with your photography, your outlook on life. Indeed it’s my pleasure to have met you. Your pretty awesome☺


  1. Lynn has the same aversion to my shooting as you have to Garry’s. She hates if I even think of taking her picture. And she always seems to know what I’m thinking. And don’t worry about feeling old and lumpy. We all do at this age. At least we’re still around to complain about it.


    • It’s one size and by one size, they mean us. I’ve become allergic to elastic. My skin breaks out from anything rubbing against it, including watches and bracelets, so I gave up and bought these very lightweight dresses. They are cotton, from India and inexpensive. Washable, too. The washable was important.

      Garry shoots like a movie director or field producer. No surprise since basically, that’s what he was for his entire working life.

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      • I always looked for good background shots for my on camera aka “standup” work. On our Ireland honeymoon, I saw a gazillion wonderful shots. Maybe I should’ve done a feature piece, “Garry Finds His Roots”.


  2. I love that dress. It’s very elegant. I hate having my picture taken too. Luckily, Douglas doesn’t know which way to point the camera. 🙂

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    • I handed Garry the camera and he worked it out. All those hours of working in front of the camera apparently gave him a pretty good grip on what a good picture looks like. He’s always looking for a photos that looks like something from a favorite movie … and I’m the only star in the set. I do all the processing, so if I really HATE the pictures, I delete them. But these were pretty good.

      I’ve got a bunch of these dresses. They are inexpensive. Made in India, very light cotton, and flattering, mostly. Amazon.

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