Share Your World – July 10, 2017

How do you like to spend a rainy day?

We spend rainy days pretty much the way we spend every other day, except we are less likely to go out. When the weather is good — or especially pretty — we grab cameras and take pictures.

Rainy days are less inspiring. And we have to berate the dogs to go out. We don’t love pouring rain, but they really hate it. You need strong self-esteem to convince a Scottish Terrier to go out in the rain. They will test you.

List at least five favorite treats. 

Fruit is probably all five treats. Cherries. Melon. An occasional banana. Grapes — in season. Apples if I think my tummy can deal with it. Kiwi (mm). Oranges and grapefruit, if they are any good — and in recent years, they have been pretty bad. Ditto peaches and nectarines. Plums are sometimes worth hunting down and the early strawberries are great.

Otherwise, I have some crispy, low-fat, low-calorie vanilla cookies I like with coffee and if you haven’t tried Thin Oreos … well .. they are the king of store-bought cookies. Don’t argue until you’ve tried them. The chocolate mint is potentially lethal.

I love popcorn, but my gums don’t. I love other nuts, but my stomach disagrees. I could eat cashews until the tips of my fingers need surgery to repair the damage, but they are just a wee bit fattening, especially eaten by the pound.

And, when everything else is too sweet or out of season, thin pretzels.

Where’s your favorite place to take out-of-town guests?

The rivers. Starting at the canal. Weaving through River Bend. Stopping at the dam in the middle of town. Weaving over to Manchaug, then down route 98 to where the river widens enough to fish.

Aldrich Creek runs parallel to this street, so you can go to the next street over, forgetting the name. This would be pretending I knew the name. I don’t think I ever learned it. It is just “that road over there.” Drive down past the farm and watch the cows grazing in the meadows while watching the river flow past.

Water is everywhere, especially this year after so much rain!

You are trapped in an elevator, who would you want to be trapped with?

I’ll take a pass on that. I can’t imagine wanting to be trapped in any elevator, no matter who I was with. Well, okay. There are a couple of authors that I might not mind, as long as it’s a short amount of trapping. I have this fear of being in an elevator with no bathroom that exceeds anything I might gain from someone interesting to talk to!

Author: Marilyn Armstrong

Writer, photography, blogger. Previously, technical writer. I am retired and delighted to be so. May I live long and write frequently.

27 thoughts on “A WORLD OF SHARING”

  1. You probably already have heard this story, but my dad had me convinced he had every one of hundreds of cattle named.. He’d call out their names and I of course never realized it was random until I thought about it later.


    1. Garry is convinced they are listening to him. I think they are, though I doubt they hear words. What they DO hear is a really soothing voice. Animals calm down when they are near him. Savage dogs and feral cats and zoo animals. Oddly, it works less well on me.

      I bet your dad also had a soothing voice. They respond to it.


      1. I suspect my dogs can read my thoughts. In the morning, I wake up and there are times when they go for hours before making a fuss to be fed, but the minute I think of them–they start fussing. It’s like they pick that up from the next room.

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          1. Cats even better at predicting the vet. I know for a fact.. Have noticed it morning after morning that I’m okay until I think, “I wonder if Morrie and Diego are up and hungry?” The second I think that, they are barking or rattling their cages, although lately I never close them in at night. If they bark at night, then that changes, but they’ve been good for months.


            1. Bonnie LOVES her crate. I haven’t needed it in a very long time, but it’s “her place” I can’t take it away. It is my ugliest end table. Nothing quite as tacky as an old metal dog crate!


    1. I’m not claustrophobic, but I’m really scared of getting stuck in an elevator. It’s one of those nightmare situations for me.

      The cows are lazy and happy cows. They live in the meadows and wade in the little streams. They live as good a life as any cow anywhere.

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    1. Tastes change with the years. I was a serious chocolate eater in my youth, but in recent years, I favor fruit and sharper (more adult?) tastes. Have you have tried “hot pepper jelly”? You have to be careful about HOW hot … some of it is pretty lethal. The medium stuff is delicious and satisfies more than your mouth.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I used to put a dollop of the really super hot stuff into my chili. I didn’t actually order the “fry your brain” version, but Amazon erred. I thought my tongue was going to burn out. They send me a “medium” (which is what I’d ordered and used the OMGHOT stuff for chili. It gave the chili a sweet underlying taste that was pretty good. I think they make it from jalapenos. Whee-ooo!

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