Old Blackstone Valley architecture, 18th, 19th, and early 20th century. In Boston, you might also see a some buildings that were built in the 17th century and possibly, late 16th (but don’t take that to the bank). There may be a few other slightly older ones in Florida where the Spanish settled early, But that’s about as old as it gets, architecturally, for European architecture in North America.

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16 thoughts on “TRACES OF THE PAST

    • This was one of the earliest settled areas in the U.S. I think our town was incorporated in 1635 or something like that. if they had built more things out of stone, we’d have more architecture, but everything is wood and it eventually rots. Much like my front door.

      There IS something about that bridge. The shape, i think, and the trees on either side of it.

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  1. In my book this is ancient Marilyn but also so new in my eyes. Painted lady lying on snow, lit church at Christmas – all beauties. I really appreciate seeing them all for my challenge. Thank you!


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