I could not believe the phone was ringing.

I have the phone set on “silent” until 9 in the morning, so it isn’t supposed to ring before seven — and when it does, it usually does it rather sotto voce, so it won’t knock me out of bed. This was probably not all that loud because what is left of my hearing is intact, but it was early. Generally, this is that time of morning when I am having my most interesting dreams.

I looked at the phone. There was a real name and a real  number, which meant it was a real call. Which, given the hour, I really needed to answer.

“Hullo,” I choked into the phone. I hadn’t yet cleared my throat, so I was hoarse and probably nominally incoherent.

“We’ve got your door,” he said.

My door. Right. Thursday. The day of the door. The arrival of the ordered door, the replacement, the repair of the front of the house. Owen and Dave had been here yesterday installing a new microwave oven above the stove. They bought it for me as a gift. Without my asking. This is a first in my life. People don’t give me “serious” gifts — other than Garry, I mean. He has and sometimes, still does.

The microwave is new and shiny. Black and beautiful to match the range and the dishwasher I never need (there are only two of us — how many dishes do we really use?). I’m afraid to use the new microwave because it will get dirty and then it won’t be new anymore, but I digress.

While they were here, the guys cleared space in the shop downstairs for the incoming door. I already knew they would bring it today. I had set it up and this is Koopman. They keep their word. I merely didn’t think it would show up during the pre-dawn hours. I was thinking maybe eight? Nine?

I said “You are here?” Just to make sure they weren’t in some other town with maybe an hour before delivery. That happens, too.

“Yes,” he said. “We are here.”

“Okay,” I said. What was I going to do? Send them away? “Let me put something on and I will limp downstairs.”

By the time I got there, they had opened the shop’s double door, put the door in its holding place, and latched the door again. They were ready to move on.

“Wow,” I said. “You guys are really efficient! I am impressed,” and I was. They grinned.

“We asked the boss if we could start a bit later, but he says we need to get started first thing in the morning.” By which clearly, he meant first thing.

“Well, you did. This is the earliest thing to happen to me in any morning I can recently remember. But this is great. I can go back to sleep.” I said. But before that, I opened the computer, typed out a two-line note to Owen. Closed down. Curled up and returned to the land of dreams and fantasy.

Almost five blessed hours of sleep later, with one handsome new door in the shop, all is well in my home-like world. All the fumbling and bumbling and bad craftsmanship and ugliness of this month has, in the course of weeks, been replaced by miraculous help from those who didn’t have any reason to help me. Hands and hearts. And a son and his partner who cared enough to do a more than the minimum … and there is light.

These are the real miracles, you know. Not the ones we think of where Zeus or Jehovah or whoever splits the heavens and pops down for a chat on truth, enlightenment, and the meaning of everything. Miracles are small. Personal. And greater for their intimacy. When a friend gives you some money to fix your door and your son and friend surprise you with a shiny new piece of kitchen equipment, the entire world looks new and shiny. Because despite the horrors, there is goodness. We are better than we need to be. Remind me I said this.

These are miracles. And I thank you, miracle bringers.

21 thoughts on “WHEN THE PHONE RINGS AT 6:42 AM

  1. That’s a humongous microwave! Or else a smaller than usual stove. (Says the lady with only a small countertop microwave. You could nuke a turkey. I could maybe nuke a turkey burger.)

    I absolutely love that door. It’s going to look awesome!

    And I agree that despite the horrors, there is some goodness. I’ve had my share of both lately, and I totally understand how you are feeling right now. You deserve the goodness, Marilyn.


    • Oddly enough, INSIDE the microwave, the turntable, is the same size as the smaller one we just got rid of. Mainly, this will hold a taller “thing” … but not nearly as big an item as it appears. Also, you have to be careful. We aren’t used to a door being there and it’s a real headbanger 🙂

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  2. That’s the best post i’ve seen all year!! 🙂

    Makes me glad to know that there are people who do do good things for others; that altruism and the best of the human spirit IS alive and well even if a few people spoil it sometimes.

    I WILL remind you you said that – if i believe it is required. I hope it won’t be, but life is not always as we would prefer it to be – it is what it is and we have to deal with it as best we can – sometimes we get help dealing with some truly bad things! 😉

    You might find this interesting… your new door…?

    it is almost identical to the front door of my house!! Our side panel windows are single frame and the door panel has two identical panels to the side instead of one big window and all four windows have Blue Fairy Wren decoration, but they are very close! 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your brand new microwave (you have to ‘christen’ it!) and wonderful front door for many years to come.



    • I’m really excited about it. This particular door didn’t give the option of etched glass and that was fine. It’s a simple house and I thought a simple door made sense. What I really like is that this door has much more glass than the one we have now, so the entire living room and hall should be brighter. I’m pondering paint colors. It needs to be painted inside and out. We’ve always had a red door, but maybe I’ll go with blue this time.

      It’s actually exciting to have this new stuff. I know it’s expensive, but the kitchen looks so NICE with the new microwave and the house will look GREAT with the new door.

      Send me a picture of YOUR door. They did have one with two panels of windows rather than one bigger one, but the door guy at Koopman said this one was a much better looking door — and about $200 less, too.

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      • Hope you relish and just soak up all the good vibes you can – it’s good for the soul as well as the body! 😉

        It’s a fine looking door! As is the M/W.



  3. So glad for you with the new door. Things always begin early in Switzerland. Even the kids start school at 8 in the morning. One of the things I had to get used to coming from England as in England everything was an hour later. I dare not think how often the builders have seen me in my dressing gown, but it hasn’t shocked them yet.


    • Eight is typical here for schools, too … but before 7? The only thing that happens that early is the school bus or the train into town. But I’m glad it got here and they got it here before it started to rain. Again. If they had waited a couple of hours, it would have been pouring!


  4. I had a phone call like this too this morning. Being in Hawaii and most of the US being in a different timezone, I was awaken at 7am to a phone call from my insurance company (we were in a car wreck yesterday). So, I knew it was a call I had to take too. Hope you get some rest today! Love the microwave by the way 😉


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